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1 Year After

Hello from France, and happy new year.

I know it is not a strictly ‘rate my physique’ post, but anyway…
I’ve been lifting and dieting for 1 year today.
I was skinny-fat and wanted to change that.

Droped 18 lbs, then regained some bodyweight.

Diet :
more protein
more fiber
less carbs to loose weight. For 6 months now, I eat more complex carbs
stoped all junk food, candy, refined food

Routine :
for 6 months, I fallowed the Waterbury principe, based on a 3 days/week fullbody, 30 reps scheme for one pull, one push and one leg exercise on every workout. I added some assistance if I had the time for.
For the last 6 months, I trained with complexes. 3 days/week, one push day + quads, one pull day + RDL, and so on…

Here are my before/after pics


Seems that all this quad works has paid off

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[quote]Tyro wrote:
Seems that all this quad works has paid off


i get the sneaky feeling OP has more development than you

Maybe, but I may be a bit more… cocky :wink:

Thanks !

Will post some legs pic