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1 Week Vacation, Please Share Insight on What to Do

Im going on vacation for 1 week on August 12th. Currently doing the texas method. There will be no way to train at a gym because they are too far away. Looking for some help

Enjoy your vacation… your not going to loose your strength gains in a weeks time.


It even helps to do nothing sometimes


Pick up girls

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Sit on the beach, read a book, and occasionally do something physically demanding like splashing in the pool while simultaneously not spilling your margarita.

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Maybe smoke a little dope.


Drink, chase skirts and forget fucking training. When your telling your grandkids about life I think better stories will come from a fun vacation then a smelly room full of cylindrical steel objects…

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Pack your barbell and at least 315lb of weights. If you don’t squat and bench at least every 2nd day, all your gainz will vanish forever!

Also smoke dope while lifting coz holiday

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Until you leave, use the College Spring Break Prep Method;

Lift really hard

Diet really hard

Do tons and tons of arms and “beach work”

Be super jacked for your vacation.

One week away from the gym is nothing.
If you are working out hard before you may come back “stronger” because you will be fully rested.


still kinda confused… should i pick up skinny girls for high reps or fat girls for low reps? which will build more muscle?

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A few of each should provide optimal results. The fat ones are good for heavy hip thrusts while the skinny ones should help with your aerobic capacity.