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1 week psycho cycle!!!!


I just talked to this guy who is a heavyweight boxer (lower professional ranks but coming up) and he told me that just before his fight to finish his pre fight cycle he is doing a 1 week micro cycle to prep him physically and mentally for the fight. It goes like this.

200 mg of Test Suspension per day

50 mg of oxymethylone (Anadrol) per day

50 mg of Dianabol per day

25 mg of Halotestin per day

Now even putting aside the liver toxcicity issue (which may or may not become a problem on such a short time frame) doeasn’t this cycle, even for a week, seem like it would really f#@* with your head? Anyway, I just wanted to share this and hear any comments on it.


I’d say it would. thankfully he didn’t have any tren in there. tren with halo is a nasty combo for roid rage (from what I’ve been told). I bet your friend gained some crazy strength from that though.

I don’t know his results yet because he just started yesterday (he has been on cycle for a few weeks already but all inj and no methyls) this one week cycle. The fight is next Saturday night so we’ll see.


It seems to me that if you are gearing up for a fight, you would want your head fucked with. He’s probably going for a slight strength boost to go with his uncontrollable rage. :slight_smile:

Seems like it would have the desired effect but I can’t really see the point of anadrol and dianabol as they are too similar in effect.

Halo + tren would make you a mean SOB during a fight…haha

yeah really…tell your bud to add 100mgs tren ED. he’ll be hard to control in the ring with that

You guys are def. right. Tren would have been the way to go. I don’t know why he didn’t think of that but I should see him tomorrow and I will ask. By tomorrow he will probably have eaten someone’s ear …


Anadrol and D bol in the same cycle is just stupid. This guy is more not going to be able to breath in the ring. His back will pump up so much he’ll pass out. The combo he is running is dangerous for his sport. Test and Tren is all you need.

Good luck trying to breathe,

JackAss is right, it’s just plain stupid. I know some bodybuilders who go to extremes with their gear, but nothing like this. And this dude isn’t even a bodybuilder! Fill us in on how this guy’s fight turns out.

Yeah, it seems like this cycle is driven by insecurity about how prepared he is for the fight. He’s cramming for the test and that’s a mistake in my opinion. It may work now but it won’t work with a truly skilled/prepared opponnent.

I’m assuning he’s taking some anti-e cause that’s just crazy overload with the test, anadrol, d-bol. the bloat would be significant in his training. laters pk

We’ll see how it goes. I think he is taking a half tab of Arimidex per day for anti-e… but still. Anyway, I saw him last night and he looked like the Hulk. He was still moving well, but I don’t see how he will over 10 rounds. I’ll let you guys know.