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1 Week Out from First Nat Show - 21 Y/O


What's up all..new member here but I have utilized this site ever since I started training 3 years ago..great site,great members..anyway im going to get right to it..

184 lbs
BF% don't know

Open to all feedback and criticism.


pic 2


pic 3


last one...also sorry about some of the poor posing..kind of a rush job on my part :slightly_smiling:


My neck hurts.


jealous of your lat spread (and just about everything else)

good luck with your first show!

well turn your laptop or monitor on it's side..... lol


Thanks for the well wishes and compliments sir :slight_smile:


You have pretty good shapes and proportions, but plz rotate the pics. Your conditioning isn't quite there, I'm afraid, and from what I've seen, that's really what seals the win at a natural show.

Check out ebomb's thread in the Bodybuilding section for another dude who is about week out from a natty show.

Your arms are impressive! And rear lat spread.


@bug .. Seen the thread and found alot of similarities.. For one we are both working with Layne Norton.. We are also both 21 and both pretty much came down from the 200lb mark (he's still heavier) .. He is in better condition but I do not think im that far away from his conditioning and I shouldve started the diet sooner I made the decision to do this show kinda late so that is my fault..

We have a show the same exact day also..I should be getting tighter day by day also i should have started tanning a bit earlier as he is darker than me.. Pretty much I hope I can get around his conditioning ASAP and hopefully some dark tanning will do me justice.. Also thank you for the compliments and I will rotate the pics later tonight when I get home.


looking good, good size for a 21 year old. be intresting to see you with tan on, it makes a massive diffrence.