1 Week on/ 1 Off Dbol Through Cycle

Just me thinking. Running dbol throughout a whole cycle isn’t very viable due to liver toxicity so most of us stick to 4-5 weeks. What would be the downside of say running it 1 week on 50mg/ed then going off it the next, then on, and say doing this throughout your whole 14 week test cycle?

I’ve found some reading about 2 weeks on 2 weeks off but I’m wondering about the week on week off. Anyone every tried it or is this a big no no?

It sounds like an interesting idea.

The closest idea I know of to it is 5 days on 2 days off, on a theory of how fast the liver regenerates, advocated to me by an MD who I had and have a lot of respect for. I know that he tried that protocol himself and was pleased with it, but I never did, nor know anyone else who tried that.

1 week on, 1 week off is more (much more) conservative than that, and sounds an entirely reasonable idea to me.

EDIT: I’m sorry, I misrecollected, his method was 5 on / 2 off within a 2 week cycle, rather than throughout a long cycle. So it has no relation really to yours. Regardless I still think your idea has merit and is worth trying.

Thanks Bill. Ive been doing this since week 1. Right now in on week 6 and i feel great.

Should I be getting liver bloodwork say halfway thru the week i am on and halfway thru the week i am off to see if levels are getting better to see if there is truly any merit to this? Or what other test would you recommend i get to see if this actually is worth doing/trying?

Your 14 week plan will have only 7 weeks of Dianabol usage, and spread out over time, so personally I’d be confident in just running it and then, for the sake of knowledge, taking a single test at the end point.

As you probably know, high AST and ALT would not necessarily signify anything, as they can be increased from exercise (AST moreso than ALT.)

In contrast, elevated GGT (or GGTP) will be from damaged liver cells and is a reliable indicator of liver damage if health otherwise is fine and provided that there’s no excessive alcohol use, or use of NSAID’s, aspirin, or acetaminophen, or some other drug use.

Moderate elevation over the normal range is okay, but twice the reference limit says things have been pushed. (Simply getting rid of the cause will be all that’s needed, if that’s the case.)

You may have to ask to have GGT included.

Also look at serum bilirubin.

Another key marker is serum bilirubin. This preferably will not exceed the reference range, though there are a few people who are, for them, normally above the reference range. But most likely, if above normal, this would be cholestasis or a bit of it. Certainly if twice the top of the reference range, I’d consider that too high and next time do different personally. I expect this is unlikely with your protocol though!

But if you did want to examine more closely than the above, then you could do a followup test a week after the cycle was over, looking at GGT as I think the best measure for this question. A major reduction would show that a week off can be, for you, sufficient for major reduction in amount of liver cell damage.

I came here to gripe, but that is a very interesting idea. Prouda yew