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1 Week Off, Came Back Weaker. WTF?

Did the first two days of my anchor for Pervertor 12/23 and 12/24, setting all time PRs with my 2nd Joker. Took a ski trip 12/26-12/29 and finished the last two sessions 12/30 and 12/31, felt really burned out but got it done.

Did TM test for Squat 1/6 and Bench 1/8, and almost failed my next cycle training max for one. I know I didn’t eat perfect through the holidays but I wasn’t a complete ass with it either. Any idea why my lifts dropped so quickly? Maaaaybe I could say I overreached with Jokers, but I couldn’t see any other reason for my regression.

If you ski’d that was a different kind of workout. You need real rest.

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That’s a fair point. Being in Ohio I don’t see skiing as a fatigue inducer because it takes 20 seconds to get from top to bottom. Where we went it takes like 10 minutes to do that so I guess it coulda burned me out.

Going back to the old school deload from Beyond for press and deadlift before starting my next program Monday. I’ll just use my 1+ set to calculate TM.

Upon further review, I think there’s more at play here. I’m super fatigued and my moods are all over the place. No pharmaceuticals involved, so maybe it’s just my hormones swinging with the seasons? I shifted my sleep cycle during my time off work and that coulda done something as well.

Took the rest of this week totally off lifting and will start Widowmaker Circuits Monday. I’m getting together with a few fellers I grew up with tonight and I’d imagine the drinking and socializing will probably help my get my head out of my ass.

Also, after a week you are not actually be weaker, but aren’t as mentally primed to lift heavy weights. It takes a couple workouts, sometimes, to get back into that mindset of pushing weights.

Normally I come back stronger - took 3 weeks off for wedding/honeymoon and came back significantly stronger. This time I was much weaker and felt weaker. I think I burned myself out on skiing and didn’t move enough to keep my energy, though. Workout today went fine. No PR or anything, but worlds better than before.