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1 week MAG-10 cycles

What do you think of just doing 1 week MAG-10 cycles? This followed by 1 or 2 weeks off, and repeated. It seems from some posts I have read that most get the majority of their gains within the first week on 2 week cycles of MAG-10. Also, 1 week cycles I would think would cause next to zero inhibition of the HPTA. Any thoughts? I searched and didn’t come up with anything.

I’ve not experienced any HPTA inhibition with 2-week cycles and have gotten a lot of gains in the second week of these cycles.

Yeah. I got most of my gains on the second week too.

I posted a question like this a while back on the steroid forum. Basically, asking about using short acting anabolics for a week on a week off, with something like Tribex and M on the off weeks. I didn’t get very much response.