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1 Week into TRT and Levothyrox, Huge Water Retention and Injection Pain

hey guys i was put on TRT had my first shot this week 250mg enthanate IM in the quad
I also take levothyrox 50daily since monday

I am an athlete and have been unable to run since the morning after my shot due to pains in my quads and have also been dealing with huge water retention in my lower stomach

I am looking for advices on both of those issues,

Thank you in Advance

It is not right creating a new thread divorced from the details of your other three threads. Your case is fractured. Advice should be in the the context of prior details.

Explain your protocol, what syringes and how injected.

levothyrox : Did you ever post your use of iodized salt?

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@KSman I used 23’ seringue IM into my quad, first time ever
i use iodized salt yes

#23 is really not right as muscle damage is cumulative and we are taking decades.

Suggest #29 0.5ml 1/2" insulin syringes, SC/SQ or IM if you have too. Slow to load, injection time is OK.
Self inject 50mg T twice a week
0.5 mg anastrozole at time of injections [- dose dependent on T dose]
250iu hCG SC/SQ EOD to preserve testes and fertility

250mg T cyp/eth per week is not the way to start.

Oral body temps can be used to eval and adjust thyroid med dosing.
Please read the thyroid basics sticky.

Where can i buy those seringues?
Also is t4 mess enough or should I go for T3 or T3 and4

You have not posted anything about thyroid labs, so your question does not make sense.
Please do not expect people to search through other possible posts on an Easter egg hunt.

Find out how diabetics get their syringes, will be in every pharmacy. In many places, a script is not needed for these.

T3 1,41uUI/ml
free T4 0.5ng/dl
TSH 2,440mUI/L
LH 1.1UI/L

did my second injection, this time in the glute, hurt less but i was bleeding a bit afterwards even though i read the stickies
I am switching to 125 ethanate weekly

Any advice?

Advice was given. How did you miss it? A quick Google search reveals insulin needles that you can purchase online. You’re bloated because of elevated estrogen.You may need an ai like anastrazole even with a lowered T dose since your trt dose is also considered high.

Since my doc wont give me Anastrazole can I go with DIM
If so what daily dosage?
Thank you

I know very little about the dosing of Di-Indoly Methane. It’s irritating that your Dr is allowing you to inject 250 ml’s of test at a time but nothing to control e2. You can search on the internet for labs that supply liquid anastrazole as a research chemical.

You really need updated labs as well reflecting what your current protocol looks like in your blood.

Has anyone tried troche testosterone? I saw a nurse practitioner today because my trt prescription was given back in France and I can’t get it here and she won’t prescribe me trt just troche testosterone


One more question I did my third hcg injection subcut in the stomach and am getting water retention
It seems like I didn’t get that water retention when doing the hcg shot in my quad
Is that common
Should I stick to the quads to or get water retention?

You really need updated labs reflecting what your current protocol looks like in your blood.

Do you really think subq vs IM hcg injection method is causing water retention? Your e2 is likely high and getting steadily higher over time. SOME are sensitive to hcg. I only object 250 ius once per week because any more and I get water retention that isn’t controlled with an ai.

You need labs to tell what’s going on, otherwise you’re just making assumptions.

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what labs besides e2

People do not memorize lab ranges, please edit-in.

TSH=2.44 is too high
T3, T4, fT3, fT4 should be near mid-range, TSH should be closer to 1.0
What is your history of using iodized salt? YES
Please check oral body temperatures as per the thyroid basics sticky?
Are your outer eyebrows sparse?

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ft4 being low is why i was put on levothyrox isn’t it?
My oral body temperature is low
I have always used iodized salt as it is the norm in france.
How do I get TSH lower?

Yes, T4 was the problem.

Please double check label on the salt container.

Thyroid disease is a possibility but then TSH would be higher.

Please note that freeT3 regulates body temperature.

If thyroid hormones are increased, TSH will be lower. It is a negative feedback system.

You need more T3, uUI/ml not on that reference that you linked.
Are units here "T3 1,41uUI/ml " correct or should be

fT3 is the active hormone and has not been tested, and should be mid-range

When taking T4 meds, some do not convert fT4–>fT3 properly

Body temperature indicates that fT3 is low, or rT3 is blocking fT3.

If fT3 is mid-range and body temperatures are low, we suspect rT3.