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1 Week Into Nebido... Nipple Sensitivity?

Hi Guys,

I am 20 years old in the UK and was previously on tostran for a year and a half with no aromatisation issues and high levels of testosterone (40nmol/l) despite being on less than the starting dose. Started nebido about a week ago and yesterday I started to get sensitive/sore nipples. Is this likely just a transient effect that will disappear once my body is adjusted to the compound or do you think this may be a genuine aromatisation issue? Ideally don’t want gyno


Gyno is the end result of young guys fucking up their endocrine system for life by abusing steroids in a frail attempt to get super massive because they think it will get them laid.

This doesn’t sound like you at all. I wouldn’t worry about it.

Joking aside though, you should probably ask the guys in pharma.

Aha thought you were accusing me for a second :laughing:
Thanks for the reply dude, I got ill when I was 15 and it left me with hypogonadotrophic hypogonadism that I’ve been battling with for 4 years. Finally decided to take the plunge on proper TRT recently doe to a period of time off with little increase in test levels (9nmol/l)

Will take a look over there.

Thanks again

No problem man. While I was joking, I did make the assumption that at your age, you were talking about cycling rather than TRT, which is why I pointed you to Pharma. For that I apologize.

What is your dosage now? I’m not very versed in Nebido at all, but there are guys here that know way more than I that could probably help you in a therapeutic capacity.

aha nah, but I probably would make that assumption as well! Its the standard 4ml/1000mg every 12 weeks with a loading dose at the 6 week mark to get the levels up.

Thanks again man

If you just started your new protocol a week ago, then you are more than likely just in an adjustment phase. Oestradiol goes crazy any time there are changes in serum levels of testosteron. It takes the body 6-9 weeks (When taking Test Cyp or Enth… Not sure the half life of Nebido) usually to get things sorted back out. If you have symptoms that extend beyond that time frame, or if you start having other symptoms, you may want to go get a blood panel done and check estrogen levels.

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aha that’s good to know, half life is around 30 days for nebido. Think im just paranoid starting this treatment at such a young age!

Think i’ll give it a bit of time before I start worrying, its mainly the gyno issue I was worried about. Don’t need that on top of this!! :laughing:

I hear ya bud. Gyno is not typically a concern unless you’ve been symptomatic for a year or so. Even then, I’ve read that it’s highly genetic as to whether you develop full fledge gyno or not…I can only speak for what I’ve read on that point though.

yeah of course, Thanks dude, good to have some reassurance. Didn’t want to wake up with boobs on Monday morning aha. I’ll monitor it for a while and see if it changes over the next week or so.

Itching and sensitivity happens sometimes. If its consistent, for several days, and gets worse or stays consistently bothersome, you have a problem.

Good to know, only been like 24hrs so far and feel like its not quite as bad as this morning but we shall see…

I have had some nipple itch from increasing doses, but it didn’t stick around. Just don’t over react if something happens, it can be addressed.

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Most of the time sensitive nipples is transient and will subside once your levels stabilize which can be a slow process on Nebido. Nebido is the least optimal choice.

aye I have heard that, but on the NHS its the standard and if my body can work with it its the easiest in terms on injection frequency. If it doesn’t work then i’ll rethink with my endo and see if there’s another option.

If your levels end up low before your next injection, you will need to move injections closer together.

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yeah i’ve heard anywhere down to 8 weeks if i’m not mistaken, however given that the gel gave me levels of 40nmol/l on a dosage under what the recommended starting dose is i’m not sure if maybe i’m a slow metaboliser? anyway might be a bit of trial and error for a while! thanks for the reply though man!

wb143, when I first started my nipples were really sensitive for about the first 6-8 weeks. After that, I guess levels started to normalize and it went away completely. Hasn’t returned to date. Good luck!

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Thanks! great to hear man, fingers crossed. Hope its all going well!

Nebido can take months to balance out, now you understand why it isn’t recommended. The half life is very long, too long for most people and that means if you metabolize testosterone more quickly, Nebido will not show good results.