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1 Week Into 2nd Cycle Lots of Pip


I'm one week into my second cycle using test prop and winni tabs. I'm using 100mg eod of prop and it has been very painful. The first shot went great no pain did right gluten and later that day trained legs. The next infection was Monday in my left glute. it was a rest day for me and my soreness has just now gone from it.

Wednesday I tried out my delt which I also did on a rest day and must have hit a nerve. it is still swollen red and hurts like he'll the pain is slowly fading but I couldn't hardly lift that arm Thursday. yesterday I decided to do bi and tri put .5 mil in both before lifting this morning my bicep is what I'd call an expected and normal soreness post Injection. However my tricep is very very sore and you can visually see that it is knotted up.

Does anyone have suggestions to reduce the pip and not have any swelling. I have a contest soon and don't want swelling to end up blurring my striations.


you actually injected your Bi’s and Tri’s??


lol. try sticking with glutes ventro glute and quads


You’re gear might just be shit. Check your source


Yea did It last cycle with test enanthate and it wasn’t an issue. pinned my prop there yesterday no pain in my bi some soreness in the tri


my right glute when fine zero pip my left hell of a pip. did bi and try yesterday bi has been zero problem tri is a little sore and some redness there to


sometimes it just takes the muscles a little while to get used to it. Just suck it up; you’ll be fine


Thanks yea it’s getting better for sure. Also started having my girlfriend pin me and have had no problem since then. I think my muscles just weren’t relaxed enough when I was doing it. thanks guy’s


Sit down when you inject. It’s shitty when you inject into a flexed muscle