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1 Week In, Reading a Lot, Now Confused

You must not be paying attention, this is typical and would hardly call it rare.

I’m paying attention. It is not typical among the many men I know personally. As I said, quite the opposite. Again, not saying it never happens, but not the norm by any stretch. Remember, guys here, like you, guys in your world, are outliers, not typical TRT patients, or gym guys self medicating.

Who’s to say your personal friends are the norm, I mean for all you know the norm is right here on T-Nation.

Please explain, everything I have read states that SHBG will rise with TRT? What do you see in middleages case that leads you to believe otherwise?

LOL. I don’t think anyone would believe that claim. I’d say we have mostly outliers on here, and that tha vast majority have no ED or other issues from it.


Exogenous Testosterone will more often than not lower SHBG. I am sure @systemlord will chime in on his research and experiences of the matter.

If the protocols used were anything like what’s still being prescribed today (200mg every 2 weeks), then I’m not surprised SHBG didn’t decrease in most patients. You have to inject at least once weekly and consistently to see a marked decrease in SHBG.

Only some studies are done correctly.

They’re not my friends, and I’m talking about face to face conversations with hundreds of examples. Guys here change their dose 5mg and have major reactions. You even reported problems with a 1mg change. That is not the norm. It’s OK, I do believe you and I do not think you are crazy. I just think saying erectile problems are typical when starting TRT is grossly inaccurate. I’m basing that on personal experiences (people I personally know) and, to a lessor extent, from what I have read. Your experiences may vary.

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It’s strange, I do on a daily, but not on an EOD protocol.

It isn’t the norm… most guys put on trt by their docs are probably sedentary obese guys given some androgen… they stick it on and feel reasonably better.

Most don’t experience erectile dysfunction following a protocol change… most men can tolerate 600mg test/wk according to literature

Most guys on 200mg e2w without any better education will also probably live out a reasonable life… they’ll tolerate dropping down to say 350ng/dl right before next shot, they might not like it… but a few days isn’t the end of the world

I’ve done 400mg every 15 days and felt fine… the “you need at least e3.5d” simply isn’t true for everyone

I could probably get by with 700mg every 24 days… so long as my levels don’t dip below a certain threshold I feel fine

There’s individualistic sensitivity to normal fluctuation, some are more sentivie than others

Aside from libido, mood and energy… I see no change (water retention, BP, hematocrit etc) from going from 150 to 300mg etc

Problem with these fat intervals (say 400mg e2w) is repeated exposure to vastly supraphysiologic concentrations may have deleterious effect 50 years or so down the line

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Thanks for the input guys. I dont plan to have anymore kids. Im happy to have a son already. Im not experiencing any issues with my first 160mg a week. Im going to take advantage of it and work out like I should be doing. Im going to see it as a blast off into this new life. I have felt better, calmer, and libido is getting stronger. I realized today that I went out of my way to follow a nice piece of ass in the supermarket yesterday. Hadnt done that in some time. Overall feeling good at 5’7” with 146lbs. Its a pleasure to be here.

I was pretty lean when I started trt. I’m on 160mg broken into two 80mg doses a week.

I never took an AI… I also have a bad habit of enjoying way too much wine. My fist blood test showed an e2 of 30… 14 weeks into trt I went up to an e2 of 31. My total t went from 610 up to 1150. My balls barely shrunk and I am not on hcg.

Everyone is different so give yourself time

I started on TRT in August. My SHBG PRE-TRT was 70.9. After starting TRT, my SHBG was as follows…

Pre-TRT: 70.9
8/26/19: 66.9
10/21/19: 47.5
11/18/19: 28.6

In my experience, TRT lowers your SHBG

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I would expect to see SHBG about half by 6 weeks, welcome to the low SHBG club. I actually have a chance to exit the low SHBG club if I can stay on a daily protocol long enough.