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1 Week Cutting Program


Hey everyone!

I'm looking for a program that can get this last bit of fat off of me. I'm going on vacation and I would like to look good for the ladies on the beach. I'm sitting at about 8% body fat.(Hydro-static weighing). How the hell can I get down to 6% by next week, without losing too much muscle mass?

How do you BB do it? Crash diet? What?


You can't do this in one week.


all you can try to do in this time frame is carb depelte/load properly (to make your mucles more full looking)and try to drop some water (though it probably won't be much of a benefit at your body fat level). Anyway what you need to do one days 1-4 is eat as little carbohydrates as possible, so think chicken, steak, and eggs. Then, on days 5-7, load back up with good unrefined carbs like yams and brown rice. Also, on days 1-5, drink close to 2 gallons of water a day (you will have to urinate very frequnetly) and use a lot of salt on days 1-3. on days 6 and 7, drink little, and while your on vacation, dont start drinking a lot right away, you have to ease into it or you'll get puffy. good luck.


Look for the article,7 Days to Ultimate Leaness by Chris Swolecat janusz

its on the site.


Why are you complaining about being 8 percent body fat? That's damn low.


sounds alot like the anabolic diet to me


There's also an article I read not too long ago about sodium intake and getting that last bit of cuttness when you're already at a low bf%.

I don't remember what it's called though...


dcfball had it right. Seven Days to Ultimate Leanness(is that a word?) by Swolecat.