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1 Week Cut: Critique my Routine

I have an event on Saturday that I’d like to look lean for. I’m not a bodybuilder and train entirely with bodyweight and sprints, so I could use some advice from people who have been there and done that. I haven’t been dieting, so I’m not sure if I’m lean enough to benefit from a short cut, but I’ll post a photo and let you be the judge. I’m 6’1" and 180lbs. Enough preamble, here’s the plan:


Protein - at least 1g/lb on all 7 days

Fat - higher (around 100g) on days 1-5, minimal (<40g) on day 6 and 7.


For Days 1-5, I’m going to minimise carb intake. All carbs will be from fibrous veggies and a couple of pieces of fruit per day.

On day 6, I’m going for around 400g of carbs. This may vary depending on how the diet has gone to that point, and on how I look as I start to eat.

On day 7 (“show” day), I’m going for a small carb meal in the morning before showtime.

Water intake:

Days 1-5 - 6 to 8 litres

Day 6 - max 2L

Day 7 - minimal water until “showtime”, which is around 9am Training:

Day 1 - Hill sprints 4-6 x 30 seconds, 2:30 rest

Day 2 - Full body strength training 2-5RM

Day 3 - Hill sprints same as Day 1

Day 4 - Full body strength training 8-12RM

Day 5 - Hill sprints as for day 1

Day 6 - Full body strength training 12-20RM

Day 7 - Short pump up before showtime.

Does this seem like a sensible plan? Really grateful for any suggestions you may have to improve it.


Try week 2 here below -similar to what you posted with a few tweaks especially sodium. Every morning I would do 20+mins quick walking/very low intensity cardio immediatley upon waking totally fasted( can have water and/or black coffee, green tea etc)

Thanks for that, will give it a look over.

Woke up at the start of day 2 feeling hungry and looking slightly but noticeably leaner. Obviously cutting out carbs and drinking a lot of water has had an almost immediate effect. 1kg lighter on the scale as well.

I should also mention that my before pic was with pretty good lighting. It was taken on Sunday, which happened to be a day when I felt lean.

First of all you are by no means carrying a lot of bf. Plan looks good just make sure not to overwork yourself otherwise you’ll likely not be feeling great on the day of this event.

Thanks man, day 3 and feeling pretty good. Sleeping well. Hill sprints were tough today - feeling the lack of carbs!

Full body strength training wednesday went fine. First sets felt strong but I did notice a sharper drop in performance than usual for the later sets.

A few more carbs than intended yesterday due to a family event, but weight is 81.1kg

Second photo was from yesterday, day 5 of low carbs. Same lighting and conditions. Not sure if there’s much of an obvious difference from the start photo, but i feel leaner and i definitely look leaner in the mirror.

Final weigh in this morning was 80.7kg, down from 83.2kg at the start. 2.5kg (5.5lbs) lost in 5 days.