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1 Week Break

Hi ppl,

Jus a bit of quick advice needed. I am almost half way through a 4 week OVT and 3 week QD bulking cycle.

Will not taking a break in between the 2 programs compromise muscle gain??

First week was of OVT was tough but since then i am always raring to go.

Would you heavily recommend taking the break in between ???

thanks in advance

I take a week off at least every 6 weeks and usually every 4 weeks. Part of that is due to my age and recovery issues but even someone in their 20’s can benefit from a week off at least once every 6 to 8 weeks. Noticable muscle atrophy typically will not begin until at least a two week off period.

Both of those programs are very demanding both structurally and neurally. CT has stated many times that OVT is designed to have an overreaching affect, so you would be smart to take a week or two off.

However, I wouldn’t take the time off completely. I’d keep going into the gym, whenever I had free time or just felt like working out.

Don’t really beat the hell out of yourself or anything. Just do whatever you want, maybe work on some weaknesses, use some light weights to work on form, etc. The idea here is keep the mind fresh, and get psyched up for the QD program.

CT said to do a lower-volume routine for 2 weeks in-between OVT phases 1 and 2. He specifically reccomended Ripped, Rugged, and Dense.

After 2wks, go back to OVT phase 2.

a week off or a week of active recovery is a good idea after several weeks of hard training.

Mike Mahler