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1 week androsol then mag-10?

I’ve got half a bottle of androsol lying around, and was thinking that I should put it into use. How about 1 week (or however long it lasts) of Androsol followed by 2 weeks of Mag-10 and then recovery using Tribex and M. I finished 2 weeks of Mag-10, and I gained 8 pounds, but I had the feeling that my time ran out just when things were starting to get good. Bill or anyone, thoughts?

PS Anyone know of an online Canadian retailer thats carrying M? I'm having a bitch of a time finding it and ordering from south of the border is just stupid expensive. thanks


I use Androsol in the recovery period 25 sprays in the morning washed off at night

Probably Coyote’s approach, of using
Androsol morning-only as an “edge”
in off weeks, is the better one, at up
to 70 sprays then (even 35 is useful.)