Has anyone tried 1-test by VPX. I know VPX
isn’t reputable but i want to know if anyone got results from it???

Unless you are a newbie, you have no excuse for supporting this company. They are merely a step above the bottom feeders that market their products hoping that consumers will mistake them for prescription drugs.

Agree with Demo. Haven’t tried it; won’t try it, if for no other reason than the company is sleazy. To give you just one pertinent example, there is no such hormone as “1-testosterone”. But they call it that to snare people who don’t know any better.

Don’t be a sucker. Wise up.

I took VPX 1-Test. It seems like a pretty good product, although quite expensive. I actually like VPX stuff, but the price is terrible. They seem to be somewhat innovative in some products, but again they are quite expensive for what you get. Their EQ 1,4 androstenediol product seems decent although pricey. Don’t anything about Paradeca and Decavar and 1-Test is decent. It uses propyl carbonate as an ester. Bill Roberts expressed that this carbonate ester infringes upon the Biotest patent that has been filed.


VPX is to supplements what those electronic ab belts are to free weights.

vpx clenebutrx is very good