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1-TEST vs1AD

I was at my local supplement store today when the person at the counter tried to sell me VPX 1-test rather than MAG-10. His comments were along the lines that VPX 1-test is 1-TEST while MAG-10 contains 1-AD and the 1-TEST is superior. I did not go for it. But I do have a few questions. Is the A1-E in MAG-10 the same as 1-AD? I thought I read somewhere it was the same as 1-test. I have been doing searches on 17b-hydroxy-androst-1-ene-3-one (1-test) and 1-androstene-3beta-17beta-diol (1-AD) trying to figure this out and compare to the 1-androstene-3-one-17-ethylcarbonate ester. But I am not having much success sorting it all out. Is the ingredient in MAG-10 the same as 1-ad, 1-test, or something different? Can someone please help me get this straight?

Mag10 has 1-test in it, or 1-test = A1-E. 1-AD converts to 1-test in the body, but i believe it also readily converts to DHT.

Read the “Pro-steroid Roundtable” article at T-mag and the “MAG-10 FAQ”.

The guy you spoke with is completely wrong. Mag-10 is a combination of 1-Test ethyl Carbonate and 4-AD ethyl carbonate. THe VPX 1-Test is liposomal propyl carbonate. Both seem like good products to me, but personal use has Mag-10 really doing a better job of building muscle. I like the inclusion of the 4-AD into Mag 10 for a cheaper price. VPX is really expensive in my oppinion, so I would stay away from them.

To answer your question. Mag-10 has 1-Test and 4AD in it, not 1AD.


Check out the steroids and other drugs section. They were seriously ripping on VPX products. Basically said that they are shit. Mag-10 is awesome. You should try it.