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1-Test Ether

Cy Wilson shot down Methyl 1-Test. Is 1-Test Ether or 1-Tst Ester any good

Check the 2 posts w/ “M1T” in the name we don’t need to start a third. Peace.

the few people I know of who have injected 1-test cypionate have said it’s better than EQ

How so is it better than EQ? Does it make you hungry as fuck? Vascularity?


“I leaned out considerably, EQ has never worked for me, it seemed to do what EQ is supposed to do. I was very vascular, and losing fat, without changing my diet whatsoever. I like 1-Test Ccyp better than Deca and definitley EQ mg for mg.”

“I am very impressed thus far. Thursday will be day 28 and I am looking considerably leaner despite the fact that I am also using 4-ADerm.”

"I’m giving Dazed’s 1-T Cyp two thumbs way the F up. A few “gurus” still swear that there’s no such thing as painless 1-Test, and that Dazed’s product cannot be 1-Test if it’s painless, which it is.

But ya know what? I really don’t care. whatever is in those bottles, be it 1-Test or some other compound, is hands down the most potent legal anabolic I’ve ever used, and even stronger than many illegal AS. I’d take 400mg/week of Dazed’s 1-T-Cyp over deca, EQ, or Primo any day of the week.

after being on 600mg of Test prop a week for about 4 months, I hit a wall, and gains stopped. but two weeks after throwing the 1-T into the mix, my strength, vascularity, and muscle hardness all started to shoot up again.

Bravo, Dazed."