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Has anyone tried 1-T by mollecular nutriton???

Is it a 1-t ether or ester? If it’s ether, it’s crap!

It’s 1-Test ether disolved in sesame oil for better absorption in the lymph. A decent product. From annecdotal evidense not as good as Mag-10 which also includes 4-AD-EC.


i think its amazing that reeshdawg can pinpoint that "If it’s ether, it’s crap! " while there are no really applicable and greatly validating studies supporting either forms as Lewellyn even admits

Have to disagree with reeshdawg. I’ve used both Mag 10 and 1-T Ethergels. I had somewhat egual gains with both. Only thing is you need to take 8 a day (200mg) to get the maximum effect.

It is about the same as mag10. Some are better some are worse. Experiment and see what works best foryou.