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1 Rmaxs

In light of that torn pec article what do you dudes think about maxes for guys who are not competetive power lifters? I am 41 years old and training steady for 3 years. I have benched 300 lbs (once), deadlifted 390, and squatted around 325 (pretty low), and really like the challenge of going all out for a PBest. On the other hand I will really feel like a dick if I blow out a vertabrea or something and end my “career” when I probably could make similar gains (asthetics wise) never going below triples. What do you guys think? Doing more then ever before is a cool thing ego wise but, dam that article scared me. (TC I think I know where you are coming from on this question.)

Since your a BB-it’s STUPID-and only an ego thing. Try your personal best for 5 reps. If your hurt(oppisite of why we train)it ALL stops.I’m sick of this monkey see monkey do attitudes–aren’t there any LEADERS left in this world-(stop following,let others do that!)

“Maxing out” can be done safely. Warming up properly and only “maxing” every 2-3 months. If ego is not an issue, there is no need to “max out”.

While I agree that it’s not necessary to max if you’re a pure BBer, I think it’s useful to max, or at least 3RM, to establish percentages for training cycles. Plus, anecdotal evidence suggests that moderate reps to near-failure can lead to injuries due to breakdown of form during the last few reps more frequently than max-related blowouts. Or maybe that’s just at my gym. I max once a week on leg lifts and never have any probs.

I think maxing can be effective in strength traning. 3-2-1 wave loading is regarded as great for increasing levels of maximal strength.

I’ve 1 rep maxed for years on a weekly basis (even 3 times a week when I was younger) on the bench and have had 0 ill effects. I’ve found my strength tends to improve when, after hitting a plateau (or going down slightly) I lay of the 1RM’s for about a month (keeping it to 3-4RM’s).

Regardless of what you decide,something that TC wrote really stood out for me, that if he had a spotter on either side of him, his tear would have been much smaller. I spot my boyfriend all the time on his 1RM which is about 400# and have never had any problem even when he has failed, I’m strong for A Girl :),but I KNOW I couldn’t deadlift that sucker off of him and would just hurt myself trying, heck most guys could’nt do that by themselves! So from now on inconvienent or not we use 2 spotters,1 either side for 1RM. I suggest you guys do too. Thanks for the heads up TC, get well soon!