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1 RM tempo

Is there a specific tempo I must adhere to when performing a 1RM test or should I perform the lift as quickly as possible? Poliquin recommends a 4-0-X. Any thoughts or comments are appreciated!


I agree with Poliquin. Lift it at whatever tempo you can, after all, it is 1RM. But, when you are doing a negative part of the movement, it is more than just important to concentrate on lowering the weight in a controlled manner, slowly…

I use a 3-0-X tempo…curious as to what others use.

Thanks guys. My coaches in high school always had us lower very quickly in a ballistic fashion. I look back and am surprised that none of us dislocated our shoulders or ruptured a disk using such garbage form.

Ditto what the others said… to me a 1RM involves a 3 or 4 second negative. Any faster and you be cheatin’!

Just to let you guys know I e-mailed Charles Poliquin and his reply was to use a 4-0-1-0.