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1 or 2 Protein Bars a Day?


Hey guys, I'm just curious as to whether you guys think having one or two protein bars a day is a good idea? Usually for snacks I eat Nature Valley Bars, but I figure that since those bars are high in carbs and low in protein, why not just eat something high in protein as well (protein bars)? Also if Protein Bars are a good idea, what are some good brands?



I don`t think there is a problem having 1-2 protein bars between meals. :slightly_smiling:
Good tasting bars for me are Promax.


It's impossible to answer this without knowing what the rest of your diet looks like.

Something like a Metabolic Drive bar is better than your typical granola bar for a quick hit of protein when you're on the go, but whether you should have 1 or 2 a day depends on your physique objectives and everything else you are eating.


2 promax bars a day would cost you a bomb in the long run...


I have only heard bad things about protein bars. Alot of them have misleading labels, "low impact carbs" and the like. Plus most of them are full of sugar. If anything get some Grow! whey and down a scoop or two with the Nature's Valley bars. Just my $.02

Now, if this is post workout, then maybe look into Finibars


There's nothing at all wrong with including bars (or shakes) into your daily nutrition plan, as long as your goals are being met. But I'd always make sure you're having more whole food than bars/shakes.

A solid meal, then a bar, then a shake, then another bar, and then a big shake for dinner isn't the best general plan.

Pre-workout, I'll occasionally grab a Finibar. For a mid-day snack on the run, the Metabolic Drive bar is a better choice.

Metabolic Drive bar:

Years and years ago, Promax was good (flavor-wise, not so much for the nutrition), until they changed their formula and completely dried the bar out. Back in the day, if I was chewing on an apple pie a la mode bar while flipping through the recent issue of Flex, I was a happy guy.

Man, when I think of all the bars I chowed down on while working at a GNC waiting for customers (coconut-flavor Steel bars, anyone?). So many had the taste just right, and then we find out a year or two later that, "Whoopsy-daisy, we forgot to tell you customers that the bar actually has 15 grams more fat than we've listed on the label. Our bad."


There are a few good bars out there not packed with sugar. Check out the Metabolic Drive Bars.


I'd say that you'd be better off putting together a protein SHAKE between meals instead. That way you have better control of what you take in. Most protein bars might taste good; but have loads of other shit you don't want/need.

The promax bars ARE good..and Do have protein....but they also have tons of sugar and some contain a wad of soy products.


Finibar's are addictive. I take them with me when I travel and usually average about 1 - 2 per day....that's not an exact science though, some day's I don't have any.


I went through a protein bar phase for about 3 weeks when I was like 22. Each and every one of the ones I tried got old so quick. I just couldn't eat them any more, at all. So good luck with the bars. I'd recommend buying powder and making shakes, I don't remember seeing any bars that had more than like 15 or 20 grams. Shakes will probably give you more bang for your buck, so to speak. But to each his own, good luck regardless.


Yeah I already have 2-3 shakes a day depending on how much I workout on the day. I should've said that in the original post, but yeah I'm also looking for an alternative snack. If anyone has any other ideas besides Protein Bars, with something that's high in carbs and protein, then fire away.

Thanks for the advice!


So your having 2-3 protein shakes a day, and want to take in a few protein bars a day?

How about this: eat real food 4-6 times a day.

There is no way you don't have ANY time ALL WEEK to eat/prepare some REAL foods.


Fuck protein bars! Any protein bar that has a shelf life of more than 1 or 2 days is a load of processed shit! Eat as much real food as you can ( i.e something that had parents )and use powder to bump up your totals and PWO. There are no alternatives. You just gotta get used to being prepared and eating often....


Wouldn't touch most of these bars. Many are high in sugar alcohols (yet claim to be low carb), high in fat, not that high in protein (especially quality protein) and bloody expensive.
While on a CKD programme I became frustrated why I wasn't making progress - until I discovered the Atkins bars (which delivered a solid 19g PRO)I was in the habit of munching were likely kicking me out of ketosis due to the sugar alcohol content.
Needless to say I'm in better shape physically, and financially, after giving such bars the boot.


I'm a fan of the Balance Gold Bars, and the Clif bars, both in the Peanut Butter/Chocolate Flavors.


A shake and a banana is my favorite "protein bar".


so is my mother.


Thanks for the advice guys, I usually do have time to prepare food. Actually lots of time lol. I just get tired of eating/drinking protein shakes, eggs, tuna and ham turkey and chicken breast sandwichs every day. I have done a lot of reading, but any other good stuff to eat?


Animals. Lots of animals :))))


Can't believe no one has mentioned the MetRX bars. I only like the carmel and fudge though.

I know they might not be the greatest thing for you, but they have 32g protein. The catch is the cheapest I see them is at Walmart for $2 each.