#1 No Holds Barred Fighters

Having read many threads on this forum pertaining to martial arts and the like, it’s obvious that a good bunch of us are NHB fans. How about some feedback on who you guys think are the top five fighters are today. I’d say, from 5 to 1, Mark Coleman, Frank Shamrock, Randy Couture, Kazushi Sakuraba, and Tito Ortiz.

Didn’t Frank Shamrock beat Tito Ortiz? And the Japanese guy has beat the hell out of almost all the Gracies’. I would say Shamrock is the best in his weight class. I’m not sure about the heavy weights. Maybe Rickson Gracie.

Well I agree with you on most of them. I believe that Frank is pound for pound the best , Randy Cotour, veto belfort ( however u spell that) Ken Shamrock is still in this category, he doesent have the drive that he used to but i think he still capable of being one of the best. I thinke Tito has a lot of ptential to be one of the best, and is a great fighter now and still real young. I dont think Mark Coleman fits in this category though, he lacks in striking skills, and tires out way to quick, too many steroids not enough training. He has had some exciting fights but, look at his fights with maurice smith and pete … forgot the last name. He got to tired out to quick and sufferd from that. What kind of fighting do you watch now? Whats frank and Ken shamrock doing these days? Im not up to date on it. well later bro

Rickson Gracie needs to be at the very top of this list.

Your forgot about me, right after Frank Shamrock. I am the best of the best.

randy couture,ken shamrock,bas rutten,
mark kerr and tanner

SubFighter, Come on, Bro, Ken Shamrock? Have you seen him in the Pride Tourney when he lost to that big Japanese fighter? He threw in the towel and he was winning! As far as I’m concerned, stick a fork in him. Coleman, on the other hand, has gotten much better at his striking and isn’t so vulnerable to kicks anymore. The only reason that I don’t have Frank Shamrock up there anymore is that He hasn’t faught lately and Ortiz has blown up. And, yes, Sakuraba has tenderized many pounds of Gracie meat but he did take a loss recently to the cro-magnon Silva so tops he cannot be.

C’mon bro, no way do Sakuraba and Ortiz top that list. Coleman won the most heavily stacked tournament in history last year, which included Kerr, Royce Gracie, and Sakuraba. I’d put him at number one, followed closely by Rickson Gracie, despite the fact that Rickson has NEVER fought anybody worthy of mention. Rickson needs to sack up and fight some tough fighters like Kerr or Couture. Speaking of which, Couture doesn’t even come close to making the top five. Frank Shamrock’s really not all that special if you ask me either, he got a couple wins where he saw a random opportunity to put on arm bars, but that’s about it. He hasn’t fought anybody all that tough either. My top five looks like this… Coleman, Rickson Gracie, Kerr, Ken Shamrock, Sakuraba. I would absolutely love to see a Rickson Gracie vs. Ken Shamrock battle personally, but that’ll never happen because Rickson doesnt’ want to fight anybody. I’d also really like to see Coleman and Kerr lock horns. There would be some serious blood in that one.

Frank is easily the best, IMO he could win against all the HW in the game right now. I heard about sak losing, he lost to Vanderlei? I didn’t think Vanderlei was that good of a fighter. Vitor has poor groundwork, all he has is fast hands. Coleman was the king of ground and pound, but that style is easily defeated now, shown when couture beat randleman. I haven’t heard much about Kerr lately, hasn’t he been losing recently? If Rickson was the best why does he never fight?

Once Pedro Rizzo gets over this pacifism crap he’ll destroy anybody, Frank Shamrock included.

Heavyweight- Mark Coleman
Middleweight- Frank Shamrock
Lightweight- Pat Miletich

Milletich was choked out on friday and I think Shamrock lost a decision to Elvis Sinosic a few months ago.

Correction, Elvis lost a close decision.