Has anyone tried any of those “package” enlarging products? there claiming 1 to 3 inches in a month and they’re pushing it like candy. That longitude commercial is on every five minutes on about 10 channels. They have a money back garuantee on most the products, so are they just hoping people won’t call back? Also, I have heard about a prescription pill coming out. has anyone heard anything about this? It would be great to just get a one more inch!!! Is any of this shit worth a try, or has any body tried or had success with anything?


I called the Encyte number like 10 times one night while watching South Park and sent a brochure to everyone I know. Encyte is just crappy Tribex.

actually 1 + .5 = 1.5, i’m sooo small!!!, i bet you are enormous though, you stud!!! probably at least a whole 3 inches you light and fuzzyyy puuussssy!!!

Let’s start at the beginning. Is it Zack or Zach? Make up your mind.
Now let’s get down to the whole name calling thing. That was a tad mean. I hope you have a poor day as a result.
Finally, good luck with your pumps. That causes me to have disgusting visualizations. I hope you are pleased. You have caused me to experience nausea. Now you can run through your neighborhood with the pump on your little member screaming, “I have made LightandFluffy nauseated.” Be sure to wear your little rabbit slippers.

For the record, these products have been identified as a scam by the FDA. Apparently Longitude is a scam product put out by these three people who were caught previously for running another scam. This was recently published in one of the Mens Health magazines

Also, if you look at the money back guarantee, it has a 30 day limit. They say the product takes 60 days to work.

Hey guys! I was checking out this Sexual Kung Fu book at Borders and they showed a plate loaded device that you attached to yourself the strengthen your sexually chi. I bet it would stretch you at least an inch. Who says weight lifting can build that muscle?

just date midgets!

One product recently was pulled by the Attorney General of Arizona, found to be a scam and $30 million in assets were confiscated. Smallitude?