1 Month Serious Training/Decent Diet

whats up everyone, i have been training mostly body weight for the last year because of mma…but for the past month i have hitting the gym pretty hard with mostly compound exercises. and have been eating carbs, cals. and proteins every three hours, i mean a shitload to…but im 165 trying to get to a solid 185-190

That’s nice that you’ve been eating food. What’s a shitload? 2000 a day?

Why post after one month of training? Do you really think you’ll see noticeable difference in only a month?

hm lets see going from body weight shit and eating 2 times a day to going to the gym for 2 hours everyday and eating 8 meals…yea i think anyone could notice a difference …and if you knew anything about nutrition just look at my weight for my daily intake needs and my goal is to gain mass …hmm yea the diet is going up in nutrition forums for advice…

Im pretty new here myself, and from what it seems, unless you got some decent muscle to show its better to keep it to yourself. Your top 3 advice in this thread will be:

  1. eat
  2. squats and milk
  3. Wheres your wheels ?

(your tricep is pretty good tho, which makes sense due to MMA)

Your back mass is lacking. Your shoulders and arms are pretty good and are defiantly ahead of your back.

I’ve seen some shitty arm and shoulder tattoos.
Yours, however, look pretty damn cool. Really. The blend of the tribal patterns and the more detailed tattoos on your upper arms ties in really well.