1 Month Progress, Not a Bad Start

So here is my one month transformation after 6 months of not moving a finger, working 11 hours a day and binge drinking/partying.

First picture is 28. September, Last one is 28 October.

Im following Greyskull LP and I aim to go 3x a week, sometimes I only manage to go 2x though due to heavy workload and the morning rush I have with commuting.

My goals are: Drop bodyfat, build a solid base for winter to start bulking.

Results: On a purely subjective level, Im super happy and did not expect such a good result in the first month. Many may not agree with me, but Im happy even with small improvements, as its a step in the right direction for me. Like I said, my workout time is limited, I often get around 35-40 minutes of pure workout time (not including warmup, cooldown, shower etc…), so I aim to make it as effective as possible. I lost a significant amount of weight, my pants started being loose. I feel better in general. Strength went up nicely despite strict deficit diet, I aim to go for 100g carbs a day, high protein.

Numbers calculated in 1RM

Squat: Start: 72kg, Now: 89kg
Benchpress: Start: 66kg, Now: 84kg
Overhead press: Start: 44kgs, Now: 51kg
Deadlift: Start: 108kg, Now: 125kg

To improve next month(s):

  • cook more, slightly increase daily calories
  • aim to really go 3x week

i dont see any difference but i suppose a month isnt very long and if you feel your improving then thats all that matters. training like you do i would focus most of my workouts around big compound movements and if you wanna drop bodyfat then do cardio aswell. Personally if i was you id start bulking now and then worry about the body fat when your cutting but thats just me