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1 Month on Testosterone Gel - Weight Increase

I am looking for some advice and assistance.

I have been prescribed Tostran 2% testosterone gel due to low testosterone. My doctor advised my level was 260 which is apparently quite low for me (40 year old male). I have been applying 60mg per day as per the instructions for approximately 1 month. I am not aware of any significant change in the low T symptoms i was experiencing (brain fog, low mood, erectile dysfunction)…but i am aware of significant weight gain. In the last month i have gained 10lbs. 2 weeks ago when i first become aware of weight gain I reduced my calorie intake to 1500 cals per day and continued my exercise regiem which mainly consists of running, cycling, football. Since doing that i have continued to gain weight. My diet has not changed (mainly vegitarian diet) The weight mainly appears around my chest and belly. I have noted in other posts that i should measure my waist and will start to do this now.

Is there any other steps that you would recommend i take now?
Is the weight gain likely to continue or does it plateau?

Any advice and assistance is greatly appreciated as this is all new to me.

Thanks in advance


Sounds like water weight gain, not muscle. I have no personal experience with gels but know a few guys who use them with very mixed results. Some that are not particularly happy are of the “do what the doctor says and what insurance pays for” mindset.

It will plateau, may even drop some. I would inquire about injections and go with those if possible.

@highpull do we need some water weight?
Am thinking that pre trt we may have been dry and now we got the normal water weight.

Does this make sense?

I think so. Certainly we do not want to be dehydrated, but you may be thinking in the sense that carrying additional weight can effect leverages and help in certain strength activities. Between this and increased estrogen, it could explain why some report their joints feel so much better on anabolic steroids.

You will find most men don’t absorb T gel well, unless you apply T cream to the scrotum which offers 8x the absorption. I’m uncertain if you should apply Tostran to the scrotum.

It sounds like the Tostran is enough to shut your HPTA down without providing high enough levels to relieve symptoms. This is where injections is king, 100% is absorbed, 200mg 20% T cream applied to the scrotum works for some men as well.

You require optimal thyroid hormones (Free T3) for TRT to be effective, if thyroid is suboptimal so to will your results.