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1 Month on Sustanon 250, Not Really Feeling It

Hi there,
I am on Sustinon 250, using it for TRT. I have only been on it for one month but honestly, I can only say I feel marginally better. Without the injections, my baseline testosterone is around 1.3 - 2.4. When I was taking Test Cyp. I was hitting 30, and honestly felt the best I have ever felt.

However, now that I am no longer living in the USA, I can’t get access to Cyp easily, and I didn’t want to touch Nibido; gels did not work for me.

After ten days, my Test levels were 10.3.

(I am also 27 year old male).

Does the medicine take a while to build up before effects can be felt? Would you say I am metabolizing the drug quite fast? The Doc has told me that everyone needs different dosing, hence why I am once every 2 and a half weeks, but this was only determined officially after the follow up results.

What protocol are you on? Is that 250ml every 2.5 weeks? Not ideal protocol, I used Sustanon at 125ml every 5 days and that worked fine (apart from reactions to it!). Where are you in the world?

Hmm, I draw out 1ml which I think works out to 250 ml of medicine. I use one complete ampul. What did you switch to?
I am in London!

It takes longer to build up, but your dosing schedule is too far apart. Every two weeks put me at 479, on a range of 300-1100 if I remember . Below half. I would have been every ten days to every week to get where I need to be.

Good to know! That’s what i figured. Did you move to another ester?

I use cypionate now. I had used it before. But, normally I am in Central America where cypionate, enanthate and sustanon are all over the counter meds (And tren too sometimes, but I haven’t tried that). I liked sustanon, but it’s three times the money and I was going to be using more of it than the others to get the same effect, so…

I guessed UK by the options available, you private or NHS? If private move asap, that’s not great treatment. If you’re on NHS see if you can get an increase and change of schedule.

I’m on Test-E (UK based as well, paying private), you can also get Test-C from my Dr and it’s telephone/internet based (costing £90 a month).

I always thought private was better treatment than NHS? And that the NHS guidelines are a lot more stringent? I’ll try get switch over to the NHS.
I wish i could take Test-C but I dont know if I can pay 90 a month for what seems to be a long term treatment. I can’t imagine that C is on the NHS?

No need to imagine, he just told you it is.

No test-c isn’t NHS, afaik sust, nebido and gel are only treatment options on NHS and chances of getting a good treatment plan on NHS are virtually nil.

Who are you currently with? Cost is a pain, the only other choice is UGL which in the UK isn’t really illegal, but wouldn’t be my choice, but you could do that and monitor bloods via Medichecks.

You need to inject minimum twice weekly to get the benefits of TRT. If you are injecting every two and a half weeks, that’s your problem. Your levels are not stable. You are injecting every 17 days! That’s like 102mg a week which is rather low.

Ideal starting dose is 150mg a week, split into 2 shots. So two 75mg shots per week. Assess after 6-8 weeks and adjust from there.

Sustanon is 250mg/mL. Every 2 weeks is 125mg, and part of it is Prop so it hits immediately.

I totally screwed up on my math above and edited my post… It’s late lol!

Injecting every 17 days will never get a guy optimized.

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I found Sustanon was smooth but every 2 weeks didn’t get my levels where they need to be.

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I’ll always prefer cypionate and enanthate over Sustanon, ten times out if ten.

I am happy with cypionate, I’ll probably give enanthate another run at some point just to compare again. Some guys really seem to like it better. Either way, easier to dial in a single ester.

Have you looked at the pharmacogenomic testing? I just had that done, it’s pretty interesting/

Can say that I have heard of it to be honest… What is it? I’m so dialed in these days that I’m not really putting much effort into going any further. Whatever I’m doing, it’s working like a charm. However, perhaps others rnay are having a hard time getting dialed in could benefit. What’s it all about? Is it anything related to doing 23andme type of deal?

Forgot to mention, I’m seeing a tendency of men preferring cypionate to enanthate lately. I’ve tried both and didn’t feel the slightest bit of difference between the two, personally.

One ampule sustanon every 2.5 weeks is a terrible protocol. This ester ideally should be injected every other say because of the short esters. And no it doesnt work well the way it was designed to work, but if injected often works much better