1 Month on New Protocol, Erectile Dysfunction Not Improving

Started going to this hrt doc because of my erectile dysfunction… been doing his protocol for a month
1 cc of cypionate a week shot half on mon and thurs. taking hcg and anastrazole twice a week (wed and sat). When I got my labs before the protocol my test was around 1400. After the 1 month of protocol I still hav erectile dysfunction… can anyone give me advice?

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I would drop the HCG and the AI completely, and slightly lower your dose of test to 120-150mg/week.

You also need to give it more time. 8 weeks minimum. Then reevaluate with new labs and adjust.

Nothing you just said makes sense. 1cc of 0mg = nothing. What were you scripted and at what dosage? AI twice a week? Why? How much? Test at 1400 prior to starting… what units and what lab ranges? A month isn’t long enough on a protocol … give it time but your protocol doesn’t sound the greatest. It’s really hard to tell though because you are not communicating properly.

250 mg a week of cypionate, 1mg of anastrazole twice a week, as for the hcg I just finished my last dose so I forgot how much I was taking -.- but I was taking take that twice a week as well. Test total 1433 range 280-1100, test free 49.6 range 4.5-25

250mg/week is too much for ED. It’s a mini blast dose for most people.

Those lab numbers were 1 month after you started the protocol?

What is your E2?

I can’t find the lab emails bro… it’s like it disappeared. The labs were about 1 week before I began the protocol. Before the protocol I was taking 250 mg of cyp alone a week.

there are a lot of questions you need to answer to get any real help from the forum.

  1. How long were you on 250mg (only) before your new protocol?

  2. When did your ED start? Were you taking any hormones or doing cycles at the time your ED started?

  3. What were your labs before starting 250mg? Were you on any other protocols before that?

  4. What is your E2 and SHBG before and after your protocol?

  5. Do you have any other symptoms besides ED?

I was on 250 before protocol for about 2 months. My ED has been going on for about 2 years ever since I took tren pills for 3 weeks. My test level before protocol was 89 with the same range so extremely low. My e2 was high and shbg was low, I can’t find the damn labs in my email… I’ve been looking but it disappeared. But I know my e2 was high and shbg was low.

You didn’t get E2 rechecked with your latest labs? Most to the time an AI will really crash your E2 and make things a whole lot worse, especially at the dose you’re taking. If you take it at all you need to start at .25mg or less a week, and check you levels and side effects carefully while on it.

No I did get the e2 checked on my latest labs. Everything I jus told you is from my most recent labs, It just sucks that I can’t get access to the labs. I see this hrt doc again this Saturday. I just want my sex life to be normal again… on my current test levels I would normally be having sex 2-4 times a day… now I have sex maybe twice a week and I really need to focus.

I highly recommend dropping your dose to 150mg/week, drop HCG and the AI, and reevaluate in 8 weeks.

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I have a question is ED pretty much permanent? Or is there a fix? Thanks in advance for all your responses man.

Depends on what’s causing it. Your best shot is to get your hormones optimized.

Also, if you haven’t already I would check:
Full thyroid panel - FT3, FT4, TSH, rT3
Vitamin D
Metabolic panel

That AI is WAY too much. If you didn’t have issues already, that would probably cause some. I think your doc simply put you on some stupid cookie cutter protocol with zero relevance to your problem. Try reading the “Deca dick” threads in Pharma. You will get a better idea of what’s going on. And yes, I know you said you did Tren. Wanna take bets on if it was actually Tren?


You’re on the wrong protocol for low SHBG, you need daily injections and should be using insulin syringes. I have low SHBG and only get erections on EOD and daily protocols, but only daily protocols erections are rock hard. I was on a twice weekly protocol, but no libido or erections. I’m seeing a trend among low SHBG men, targeting high testosterone almost always ends is no libido or erections.

It has to do with low SHBG, binding less hormone means more free hormones, that includes free estrogen which is high in low SHBG men which only need about midrange Total T levels, target higher Total T and free estrogen increases killing erections.

That why you were prescribe an AI, but AI’s suppress estrogen and estrogen is needed for erectile strength, a balance is needed and daily injections is how it’s done. You want advice, get out from under this T-mill and find a real hormone specialists.

As the other guys stated you should inject every day or every other day, drop the HCG and AI.

Also by tren pills do you mean trenbolone? For the first time I hear to be in a pill format, but I heard there is some new form of trenbolone. Have you checked your prolactin since?

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How many cc everyday or EOD? And what ester of test do you recommend? And where do you inject with the insulin needle? Also how do you come off of this protocol and pct afterward?

I would personally start with 20mg a day or 40mg EOD and see where your at after 6-8 weeks.

If you want to do shallow intramuscular injections you can use thighs and delts. Subcutaneous injections you can use your belly 1-2" away from your navel, love handles and thighs.

You don’t PCT, TRT it is a lifelong treatment.

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No not cc, dosing/strength of testosterone is in milligrams. When you start talking cc or ml people scratch their heads wondering what you’re talking about. I inject 7mg daily (49mg weekly) and is uncommon around here, most need closer to 100mg weekly, some need more.

You’ve been on TRT for a month and already are thinking about quitting, you weren’t even prescribed a proper TRT protocol given your very low SHBG. ED cannot improve as long as estrogen is out of control. Cycling testosterone is for bodybuilders who have normal testosterone naturally, in order to preserve natural levels they use PCT’s every 8 weeks.

You estrogen probably needs to be closer to 20 pg/mL and no higher than 30 pg/mL.

I recommend cypionate or enanthate, I’ve heard enanthate aromatize less versus cypionate, something I am able to confirm.

You just got a bunch of posts about switching to daily injections. That advice is ignoring your actual problem and pushing a personal preference for TRT. You don’t seem interested in TRT, just fixing your broken dick. Viagra and Cialis are for that. You have some hormone issues from AAS use, it’s not likely to be permanent but can take years to go away. Dosage frequency will have zero effect on that problem.