1 Month In, Need Help Honing My Meds

Hey All,

Here is the data you guys are looking for:


  1. Pharma compound 210mg a week
  2. 1000IU hCG a week
  3. AI 0.5mg a week

Here is what i actually take.

  1. 25ish mg E3.5D IM
  2. 250IU hCG E3.5D
  3. no AI



  1. Total T - avg 300 (348-1197)
  2. Free T - avg 8 (9.3-26.5)
  3. LH - avg 4.4
  4. FSH - avg 4.9
  5. E2 - avg 30 (7.6-42.6)

1 month into TRT-

  1. Total T - 813 (348-1197)
  2. Free T - 25.4 (9.3-26.5)
  3. LH - <0.2
  4. FSH - <0.2
  5. E2 - 51 (7.6-42.6)

i take a multi (kinda infrequently) with 150mcg of iodine and occasionally use pink salt.

28M, asian, 6’1", 215lbs, 1000lbs club natty.


  1. still sluggish af
  2. foggy af
  3. great morning and night wood
  4. random bouts of inability to sleep - not insomnia, but last night for example, i slept until 2 hours from when i am supposed to wake up and my heart is racing.
  5. kinda sweaty, but i find this to be the norm as i swear normally VERY easily.
  6. i find i can do more volume, but im not finding strength
  7. again, sluggish and fog cuz it others me. general overall fatigue is a killer. its mildly depressing.


  1. E2 looks high, nearly double. no obvious signs of gyno, but i notice i am more irritable and such (less patience, kinda rage)
  2. i had a MRI with pituitary focus - result: “Slightly heterogeneously enhancing pituitary gland without convincing evidence of an adenoma.”
  3. TSH and LH numbers PLUMMETED. wtf?
  4. is there an ideal ratio of test C to hCG?
  5. is my hCG intake too high?
  6. reddit seems to believe that i should treat based on symptoms and not looking for “22”. do my symptoms justify going for the elusive “22”
  7. lastly, should i up my test dose? im using 1/4 of my weekly dose so i have extra across the board. if so, when do i take AI and/or add hCG?

Thanks all!

Only 50mg of test per week? I haven’t heard of a dose that low before, supriaed your test is at that level, when did you have your bloodwork done in relation to your last injection?

1 month out from first pin.

i think its high cuz hCG is high right?

current LH/FSH numbers are low, doc called me and told me my production is zilch now? even with that dosage of hCG?

Please maintain your original thread here: 28Y/O Male. Approved TRT from Doctor

Do not split your case, need the whole picture in one spot.

LH/FSH–>zero on TRT, expected. You have not read the stickies carefully that I posted into your original thread.

TSH is not FSH.

Ratio of T:hCG is a meaningless question.

How much hCG? 250iu SC EOD