1 ML Test Vials Overfilled?

Gents ,do you find that your RX testosterone vials contain more than what’s on the label?

I just completed my 2nd week of my new TRT protocol which calls for 100 mg / wk (along with HCG and AI).

I received ten 1 ML 200 MG/ ML vials for the initial RX. I injected .5 ML (100 mg) last week - but this week I was able to fill a 1 ml syringe from the same vial. I’ve just read that some manufacturers overfill the vials to account for waste by .2 MLs or so. But I got a full 1.5 ML out of a 1 ML vial. The brand I use is Perrigo.

Not being one to turn down an androgen, I just pinned the 200 mg of Test Subq but I am wondering how often you find more Testosterone than what is stated by the manufacturer.

I noticed that the test Cyp I get usually has 1.1ml total. So .1 extra. I believe the manufacturer is Pfizer.