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1 MG Anastrozole 3x Per Week?

I thought the normal dose was 1/2 2x per week? My doc ( an internist and former body builder) says 1mg 3x per week.

I guess it can’t hurt right?

It will kill your joints, sex drive, gh levels, no pumps at the gym, and your cholesterol profile. May be if you were on 2-3 grams of test a week it might help. Typical bodybuilder mentality, i competed NPC national level bodybuilding, but that was in the past. I would be kind of skeptical of people recommending these dosages. Adex is not a long term solution to your problem or should never be used to replace HRT or clomid.

Its in addition to 100mg of test. See I was thinking that was WAY too much. 1mg per week is the dosage I have read and what I plan on sticking to