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All - started back on 531 2 months ago, 2 days a week full body as I play rugby and do judo. At the same time I cleaned up my diet. Sticking to a basic rule of two chicken breasts and 1/2 lb of mince a day. Rice, potato and veg. The focus was increase conditioning and lean out.
Ive lost 6kg since. A total of 8.5kg since December 27th. And I’m now fit enough to play a whole rugby game fairly well. So happy ish.
In both 531 cyles so far I’ve gained some strength. Tiny tiny amounts. But I accept this as its the least important goal.
However in the last month my squat as reversed.
Today I struggled to 142.5 for 2
20th of Jan I hit 140 for 5.

I can accept a drop off in strength but loosing 3 reps - especially as my trap bar deadlift is going so well. Its gauling. And makes no sense.

Im wondering if I should adjust me tm to 85% or run the cycle again. As I can’t see that I’m genuinely losing strength to that extent.

And tomorrow, you might hit 140 for 7. Don’t get too caught up in a one-day performance on a single lift.

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One of the most important things I’ve learned from reading Jim’s work is “training is not testing.”

It’s one day, and that is pretty significant weight loss. I’ve always liked lower TM’s though, never hurts to take a step back especially with the stress of the weight loss.

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two chicken breasts and 1/2 lb of mince a day. Rice, potato and veg

The focus was increase conditioning and lean out.

And I’m now fit enough to play a whole rugby game fairly well. So happy


“I’ve been practicing drums and guitar the last few months, really working on technique and writing songs. Then earlier today, I tried sculpting Michelangelo’s David from granite and for some absolutely unknown reason, I didn’t have the skill to do the job. Fucking crazy, right? I mean I WANT TO SCULPT but I don’t want to do anything to actually get better at sculpting.”

Your ENTIRE GOAL was to lean out and play a game of rugby. You got exactly what you wanted. You demand more from this program that you demand from yourself.


I re read my post - I get why you’re pissed. Im sorry dude.
I come onto a public forum and make out the issue is the program.
Youre right. I’m not not prioritising strength or muscle growth. So how can I be blame anything but that?
I hope you appreciate its a word out of turn. In frustration. At one point some how I was getting it all. Fat lose increased conditioning and strength gains. It stopped like everything does and I vented.
Its no excuse. I’ll take this shit down.

Edit - being a bit of a Luddite I do not know how to delete the thread. So I’ve deleted the posts.

You’re not the first to be frustrated, and your scenario is actually quite common. I have a running buddy who also “lifts” several times a week, and can’t understand why he’s not getting stronger. Then, I go with him to the gym and he spends 45 minutes on the elliptical and then does some tricep pushdowns.

So, don’t be too hard on yourself, and your post is actually of value to others in a similar situation.

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