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1-Leg Deadlifts / 1-Leg RDL's

I’ve been working out hard for close to a year now and have never felt anything like these 2 lifts. Most of my workouts have been squats and a couple other lifts but a few days ago i tried 1-leg deadlifts/1-leg RDL’s and was j.w if this is normal that all these muscles are sore?
-Hamstrings, glutes, everything on back, obliques, transverse abdominis and rectus abdominis
Any input on these 2 lifts will be very helpful.

I’d think it would be normal. You’re using muscles in a way they’re not used to be used.

Edit: Oh and I can’t see them doing any harm if thats what your wondering. Lifting heavy stuff off the floor is usually helpful from a trying to get stronger/ better looking perspective :wink: