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1 Injection of Sustanon250 Over Three Weeks (Graph)


So here it is guys,

One injection of Sustanon250 (1ml - 250mg) every three weeks completely mapped out with regular blood work.

I showed this to my urologist yesterday and she agreed it isn’t working the way she expected so we’ve switched to weekly injections of 0.5ml Sustanon 250. I’ve brought up switching to Cypionate and she is going to look into it (So that’s progress)


Testosterone 9-30nmol/L

LH: 1-10nmol/L

FSH: 1-10nmol/L

SHBG: 13.3-89.5nmol/L


2 Days after injection:

Total Testosterone: 34.4nmol/L

LH: <0.2

FSH: <0.2

6 Days after injection:

Total Testosterone: 22nmol/L

LH: <0.2

FSH: <0.2

13 Days after injection:

Total Testosterone: 9.4nmol/L

LH: <0.2

FSH: <0.2

SHBG: 30.8

16 Days after injection:

Total Testosterone: 7.8nmol/L

LH: <0.2

FSH: <0.2

19 Days after injection:

Total Testosterone: 6.7nmol/L

LH: 0.3nmol/L

FSH: 0.3nmol/L

SHBG: 27.2nmol/L

(Note: LH and FSH become detectable again. SHBG has dropped slightly)

Total Testosterone: 7.3nmol/L

LH: 1.1nmol/L

FSH: 1.0nmol/L

(Note: Total testosterone has slightly increased - LH and FSH now at higher levels which suggest endogenous production has kickstarted again).

That’s it for now! Hopefully, weekly shots will make me feel better. The last 7-10 days of this protocol were god awful!

Glad I put the time and effort into these bloods though because it would have been a lot more difficult to switch to weekly without them.


Thank you for your research ! It’s sad you have to educate your doctor.

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