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1 Inch?

Is injecting 1 cc of test into the glute with a 1" (23 guage) needle a terrible idea? I have been looking around and some people use a 1" needle consistently in the glute. I ran out of 1.5" needles, so that’s the reason I am asking. If the 1" needle is a problem, what happens? I heard it could be painful and also that it might not work at all, which seems hard to believe. Does anyone have any experience with this? Or can direct me to any articles? I have read a lot of conflicting views. My bodyfat is probably around 10%, by the way.

If you are really at 10% body fat then you can get by with a 1 inch in the glute. It’s not ideal though.

You will know you didn’t get it deep enough if you feel a lump under the skin.

Or you could just use a different injection site.

And there are plenty of sites you can order pins from and have them delivered in a day or two that really are not that expensive.

1 inch should work. Most men even if over 10% don’t carry much fat on their gluteal area anyway - it happens mostly in the abdominal region.