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1 in 6 Teens Didn't Believe They'd Get Pregnant



This is clearly disinformation.

What question was specifically asked?

Are they implying that 1 in 6 teens don’t know where babies come from?

So the feds have been spending hundreds of millions of dollars since the 1960’s to promote and teach sex ed and this is what we have received for our money? And there will be idiots who think sex ed classes have been successful.

Abstinence-ONLY programs don’t work.


If you want to minimize teen pregnancies you have to teach safe sex along with abstinence.

The areas with abstinence-only programs have the highest rates of teen pregnancy.

Dont come to the UK.

Benefit scroungers become baby factories just to get money from the government. Nothing new I agree but when you try and stop them they either sue or go to the EU court of human rights.

Safe sex programs and sex ed classes in general have done little in combating teen pregnancy and STD control. It is a colossal waste of money.

Is it?

Teens who received comprehensive sex education were 60 percent less likely to report becoming pregnant or impregnating someone than those who received no sex education.
The likelihood of pregnancy was 30 percent lower among those who had abstinence-only education compared to those who received no sex education, but the researchers deemed that number statistically insignificant because few teens fit into the categories that researchers analyzed.


Researchers studied the National Survey of Family Growth to determine the impact of sexuality education on youth sexual risk-taking for young people ages 15-19, and found that teens who received comprehensive sex education were 50 percent less likely to experience pregnancy than those who received abstinence-only education.6
Researcher Douglas Kirby for the National Campaign to End Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy examined studies of prevention programs which had a strong experimental design and used appropriate analysis. Two-thirds of the 48 comprehensive sex ed programs studied had positive effects.
40 percent delayed sexual initiation, reduced the number of sexual partners, or increased condom or contraceptive use.
30 percent reduced the frequency of sex, including a return to abstinence.
60 percent reduced unprotected sex.

The waste of money is a result of people pushing on these abstinence only programs which do not teach contraceptive use.

Yeah, precum is a bitch.


This reminds me of my friend who was teaching sex ed to 5th graders in Cali. She could not teach actual sex, but could teach about the body parts and menstrual cycles and STDs. When asked HOW a person gets STDs, she could not tell them from sex. How do you teach sex ed without mentioning the actual act of sex? She said it was extremely frustrating and ended up confusing the kids even more.

What the hell? 22% didn’t mind getting pregnant.

[quote]4est wrote:
What the hell? 22% didn’t mind getting pregnant. [/quote]

Perhaps they thought they could get a TV show or something…