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1 in 5 Say Obama is Muslim


By the end of his (second?) term, a majority of Americans might say this Nobel Peace prize winner is Muslim. Cool!


What is the name of a person who believes he IS god?

Cause that's what I think he is.


I have convincing evidence Barack Hussein Obama is NOT a muslim: despite his:

(1) Freudian slip of â??my muslim faith,â?? on TV, (2) wishing us all â??Happy Ramadan,â?? and an easy fast (3) having a muslim father and step-father, (4) school records listing him as muslim, (5) stating he will stand by the muslims if political winds turn ugly in his auto-biogragphy; (6) being the most anti-Israel president, ever; (7) having creepy friends in Nation of Islam and buddies in the PLO; (8) stating that his favorite sound was the muslim call to prayer; (9) attending a faux â??christianâ?? church of Kill Whitey in Chicago; and (10) legally changing his Christian name of â??Barry Soeteroâ?? to the muslim name of â??Barack Hussein Obama.â??

Hereâ??s the proof: heâ??s seen EVERYWHERE with that fat pig Michelle.

No self-respecting muslim would be seen with a fat pig like that all the time.


"Nobel Peace prize winner"

Bwahahahah. They give those with every fill-up at Exxon these days.


You sound like a lovely person


He's a first class idiot, what ever faith he practices.


I think he's pretty cool.


You lose all credibility when you mentione the Barry Soetero thing. You do know that it was an April Fools hoax, right?


1/5 Americans are idiots and should care more about real issues rather than pointless ones


I don't know that it's pointless depending on what specific tenants of islam he believed.

If nothing else it could make him a liar.


  1. It's a joke. I know liberals are slow and have no sense of humor, but the above is tounge-in-check.

  2. "You lose all credibility when you mentione the Barry Soetero thing."

I am not talking about the "birther" nonsense, just history. Barry's mother married a guy named Lolo Soetero and Barry legally adopted his step-father's (the only father he ever knew) name. (See above school records.) When he went to college and an African name would help with with admission and future career, he changed his name back to his Islamic/African name. Barry talked about this in his authobiography.

It's very logical and there is nothing wrong or suspicious about the name change. But it did occur.





20% of Americans also think the sun revolves around the earth... so...


29% of Americans from 18-24 cant find the Pacific Ocean on a map, so.....


Hey look, 100% of people from crappy third-rate former powers that are destined for the dust-bin of history make fun of Americans.

It's no secret Americans' IQ and education is bi-modal much like Israel and other diverse countries, making mean or percentage comparisons across a population meaningless.

(And, for the record, I am not American. I can just recognize bitterness from has-been countries like England and Austria. Almost only country in Europe with a future is Poland.)


Ah, Americans will join us soon enough in that club and when they no longer have to spend so much on their empire they will be able to afford a broad based decent edumucation.


Book learning.

Former world powers haz it.


The Murican never gives the rest of the world a reason to think they are fuck-tards.


Typical American


Now that's not a nice thing to say about Michelle. She's a hell of a lot better than the blond pig that Bill Clinton inflicted on us and we still can't get rid of her.