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1 Gallon or Larger Water Bottle?


I'm curious if anyone has any suggestions for a good (i.e., rigid) 1 gallon or larger water bottle with a handle and something better than just a normal screw-cap lid. I've been googling a bit, and not having much luck. The closest I've seen is a New Wave Enviro resin bottle, but I'm wondering what other solutions people use.


Milk jug works the best and doesn't release any toxic materials from the plastic.


A couple of problems with that:

1) I don't drink milk (I'm 235)
2) They're not rigid enough for my liking. I'd prefer something that's not going to collapse, rip, or explode.

Plus, you can buy BPA-free containers now.


You can buy them with water already in them. Paper mache it if you really want to. I've been drinking out of one for a while and so far hasn't "exploded" on me or "collapse". I doubt you'll find a metal bottle or even plastic one specially designed to hold 4L (1 gallon) of water.


Doesn't poland spring sell a one gallon jug? I could have sworn they did. Fucker is huge.


Oh ya man so easy to keep track of your fluid intake if you just fill one up and drink out of it the rest of the day. As I look at my level of water in my jug Looks like I got some drinking to do.


There is the Arizona Green Tea that I am currently using. My GF family drinks it so they give me the jugs. Pretty useful and sturdy. And Green Tea is good for you anyways so :slight_smile:


You can try this.

But I personally would suggest going to a gas station or something and getting a large jug there. I got a gallon there that had a screw top and a handle. OMG!!!!!!


once it dries, you can even paint little designs on it. add some popsicle sticks and some string if you want a little extra flair.



It was my sense of humor!! I thought you would be on the same page and have a bottle all done up to change his mind and then he'll do it. I guess not.
As well he's being a baby and not compromising on getting a milk jug type water bottle!
Some peoples kids I tell ya. Gets me thinking, I'm going to get the neighbors kids to paper mache my milk jug :wink:


Ya, they do, I've had them before. They used to sell one just like it at the 7-eleven when I was on the east coast. I just go to the Safeway down the street and buy gallon jugs every 3 days for like 1.50-1.75 a pop and rock the jug in public, people look at you like your a bum though lol


hahaha, it's all good fuzzy.

to the OP, not sure what kind of enviornment you're in daily, but camelback makes some sweet non-military looking backpacks with large water bladders. might want to check that out as well.


First, I'm probably old enough to be your father. Watch the "kid" comment.

Second, I have a tendency to be rough on things like fluid containers. I had a /reason/ for not wanting to use a milk jug or milk jug-like container. Those things are designed to sit on a shelf, not take repeated abuse being banged around all day long.


I have a camelbak. Ever try squatting with one on? Not so easy. And sucking down large quantities through the bite valve isn't happening, either.


Arizona ice tea one gallon jug. Much more sturdy than a typical milk jug.


my bad, thought you were lokoing for something to help with drinking throughout the day.

you go through a gallon of water during your WORKOUT? holy wtf.

i think i take like, two sips from the water fountain.


1 Gallon

3 Gallon

5 Gallon


1 Gallon

2 Gallon


I really like these bottles. i have found them in speedways and bp stations.

Enon Springs. they are much more durable than a reg milk jug,have a better cap,and the handle is real sturdy and can be hooked over things like a lift bag.

and they are under $2.