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1 Diet Soda Per Day Raises Cancer Risk

I haven’t had time to read through the study. Does the claim hold water?

Dunno about that particular question but I do know that diet stored at high temps (like desert) can cause serious problems.

Personally, if I’m gonna drink a soda, I want one with pure cane sugar.

It is interesting this, I’m type 1 diabetec so I have a catch 22 with shit like that. Cane sugar and an injection of insulin or likely cancer causing alternatives

My son is type 1 diabetic also. I think the only products he eats with artificial sweeteners have sucralose. But he can eat sugar without a spike if we bolus right. Do you have a monitor or have any idea what your blood sugar peaks are at after meals? He is only 12 and just 61 pounds and eats about 1850 calories a day (120-150 grams of carbs) and our post meal peaks only average around 145 and he only hits 200 maybe once every 5-7 days which is quickly corrected due to having an accurate monitor, and a pump. I know that the average post meal spike for a type 1 diabetic person is about 240. We’ve only touched 240 maybe 3 times in the last year either due to illness or a pump site going bad.

We use sweet tarts (basically pure glucose) to prevent lows. The main problem with “sugar” is that it is half fructose, and at 25+ grams of fructose a day, you may start to develop fatty liver disease. Aside from that, we don’t really have a problem with occasional regular sugar in treats causing spikes that outrace insulin. If anything, we have had more of a problem that his insulin works faster than his food, because he eats a significant amount of fat, and so his carb ratios are low (around 8:1) but his basal is also low (about 7 units per day).

Yea I test before or around every meal and inject depending on the carbs and activity level. Obviously no need for insulin with an artificially sweetened drink but it does make you wonder about the effects the sweeteners have on the body unrelated to blood sugar levels.

I didn’t read the article but it would be no surprise to me that yet one more man made substance is harmful to your system. Stick with meat, vegetables, fruits, eggs and nuts. When you’re thirsty drink a good bottled water in a glass bottle. Cheating on occasion is fine as long as it’s only on occasion.

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With the half gallon of diet soda I drink a day, I’m technically 1/4 cancer, while the rest is Scottish, German and Scandinavian.

Everything causes cancer depending on how it’s studied.


You are attempting to sweep your extreme use of diet soda under the rug with the all encompassing statement that basically everything causes cancer depending on how it’s studied. That’s a false statement. You can go on drinking as much diet soda as you like as it is obviously your choice. But, there are far better beverages to consume relative to your health.

I apologize if you felt I was attempting to sweep anything under the rug. I know I am excessive. I felt pointing out I drink a ton of diet soda explained that

No need to apologize. I was not questioning the part where you admitted drinking excessive amounts of diet soda. I was questioning what you said to defend that action. One makes excuses to continue behaviors that they know are harmful. That was my point.

This might be the issue. I had no intent of defending the action. Everything I do is bad for me. I am at peace with that.


Right on.

Ha ha…why do I waste my time?

Truly an existentialist question.

It’s the German engineering keeping you alive

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don’t just go assuming his question is rhetorical now! You know how annoying that is

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Hopefully it isn’t VW level German engineering. That doesn’t bode well.

Personally these days if I’m going to drink any ‘soda’, which is rare, I just go for the full sugar version as it’s normally with a big meal and in the grand scheme of my daily food intake is very little…

Doesn’t most if not all diet soda use sucralose, not aspartame?