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1 Day On, 2 Days Off Plan?

Good Morning All,

I am 46 and I have been weight training on and off over the years, Nothing consistent. Due to the circumstances I have access to a very small gym every third day. Can anyone recommend a training split for 1 day on, 2 days off? I have done some research and cant seem to find much on this topic. Push, pull, legs perhaps?

Thanks kindly and stay safe

full body workout plan’s !

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Almost any plan could fit into these constraints. I would try and fit a light bodyweight or conditioning session into your second rest day though.

thank for you replies full body split it is!

Full body.
Depending on equipment.
Squat,BP, row or lat pulldown. 3-5 sets 5-10 reps
Deadlift, press, row or lat Pulldown.
Add curls, triceps, Rear delts,core to either or both days.
Or by body part
Quads, chest,shoulders, triceps,core
Hamstrings,glutes, back, biceps, core