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1 Day Full Body Program for Girlfriend

Hi ,

My girlfriend would like to start a weightlifting program ( 1 day per week to start) she asked me to make her a program.
I did a lot of program for some friend(male) but i never did program design specifically for a women.

-Whats exercise should she privilege? avoid?

-Squat parallel or below? rep range sets?

-pushups or dumbbells bench press? rep range sets?

Any suggestions or advices?

Thanks in advance !


Why one day a week? You can’t do a good program one day a week, so neither can she.
There are no lifts she should avoid, unless she has injuries or physical limitations.
I don’t want to get into the squat thing, there are more than one way to squat, but personally I never stop at parallel.
Here is a link to check out:

Reps/sets etc. depend on what she is training for i.e. strength , fat loss, athletic training…
Bottom line: girls and boys play the same at the gym. There is no need for any specialized “girl” program.

Thanks dianab,

Thats what i thought…


My regimen has changed my body a lot. After years of every cardio- strength program you could think of, this program, in just a few months, has given me a more muscular build.


2 warm up sets x 5
3 working sets x 5 for everything

back squat
military press BB

goblet squat
bench press BB
bent over row BB

same as Mon

My squat should be below parallel, but it isnt. I have ROM issues in one ankle, but my form is good.

Can’t she lift 3x weekly? Even for 45 min?

Good luck to your G/F, Take care.


Dan John’s One Dumbbell Workout might be a good place to start:


It’s pretty simple, but it gets the job done. If I’m ever stuck at home due to a blizzard/my gym is closed for the holidays/etc. this is what I use :slight_smile: