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1 Cycle with Hang Clean



I have a Highland Games competition coming up in a few months. I already have my cycles planned through the end of the year and have started planning my cycles leading up to my competition in March. Currently, and through the end of the year I’m working out 4 days/week using a basic 5/3/1 template (it’s been working fine for 3 years). For my first 2 cycles next year I’ll be switching to 3 days/week since I’ll be upping my throwing to 2 days/week (easy throws, not too taxing, just focusing on technique). My last cycle leading up to the competition is where I’m sort of stuck. I’m going to go to a 2 day/week template with 1 day/week being a full throwing session. My plan is to really focus on event-centered movements as much as I can. So, the question is, I am wanting to really focus on hang cleans as I feel they will best translate over to helping me with the caber. I was planning on (for just the last cycle) replacing Deadlift with Hang cleans as my main movement and using either KB swings or RDL as a supplemental. Would this be an alright way to do it or should I just keep DLing and incorporate hang cleans in before my main lift that day?


I’d keep the DL in and do something like this:

Day One

Hang Clean (Box Jumps)
Squat (Dips)
Bench Press (SLDL)

Limited Assistance

Day Two

Deadlift (Dips)
Press (DB Squat)

Limited Assistance

Shit that is in parentheses is supersetted with the main movement. This is only way we train anymore for total strength, speed, power, size and keeping the fat ass in shape.


Sounds good, thanks a lot.