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1 Cycle Only 8 Wk Pics

Hi all,

I never had any experience with training or doing gear, but I decided at 27 I wanted to put on some muscle and reach my genetic potential.
Instead of doing this naturally, I decided to take a testosterone cycle to get me results faster. This is my blog, enjoy.

Starting point:
Never really trained hard semi-athletic from occasional training and sports.

Reach genetic muscle limit with help for steroids and then stop taking them.

Training at home, full body variations 2-3hrs a day, maybe 1 day off a week.

Not that strict just making sure I get 200g of protein and 3k+ cals.

500mg Test E per week. (I was doing 2 injections per week, now I am doing 1 per week because I don’t like it. I only inject my quads.)
5g Creatine per day.




  1. I don’t think I will reach my genetic limit on this cycle but do you think it’s possible if I had done things differently?

  2. Should I consider doing another cycle? And if so how long do you recommend waiting between cycles. Should I add trenbolone for my next cycle to make sure I get to my genetic max?

  3. Any tips on making sure I don’t lose any of the gains? (up to genetic max)

  4. Should I take PCT or try without? Or should I take Nolva/Clomid just incase?

  5. Should I extend my cycle from 10 weeks to 12, or 15 weeks?

Don’t feel like you have to answer the questions appreciate comments and encouragement or even strong critique.

Edit: The post is meant to entertaining. I have put a lot of work in to this so don’t look at this post and think I was lazy and made gains. Steroids alone wont do anything you have to put the work in.

Many thanks,

It was probably a waste of time to start a cycle since you either haven’t been training long, haven’t been training right, don’t have your diet dialed in, a combination of the above, or all three.

Gear isn’t magic.

I’d cut the cycle short, do a PCT (you do have that, right), get on a regular program (pick one and run it as written), get your diet fixed.

Good luck.


Steroids are not magic… your first mistake was taking them BEFORE you reached your genetic potential naturally. Now you’re going to just throw more and more steroids into your cycles in attempt to obtain a physique you could have already done with a couple of years of hard training.

  1. Depending on your goals, I doubt you will reach them this cycle. Yes, had you not run steroids and did it naturally, you would be able to reach your goals.

  2. Absolutely do not run another cycle. Not until you have a few years of training under your belt, have built a very solid base, have a gym membership, and your diet is on point.

  3. You will not keep the muscle more than likely. You don’t have a gym membership, you haven’t worked out much. You ran a cycle without a plan for PCT ahead of time. No mention of diet. Likelihood is that you will lose the majority of what you have put on due to not having a solid all around regimen.

Yes, run Nolva starting 2 weeks after last pin. 40/40/20/20.

Get your shit together, you have the ability to gain far more muscle naturally in the next couple of years, than you I’ve gained during these 8 weeks. There’s no simple or quick fix. Wait until your 30, and spend 5-6 days a week training, every week until then. And get your eating on point.


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Can I just say guys that I have trained about 2-3 hrs every day it’s not just the steroids doing all the work. I made the post to have some entertainement value and to troll a little.

We can all see that your trolling level is on steroids. You are on another level with your trolling. If that is you on steroids, this is me on steroids., best_guy_ever


Well none of us can UNsee that shit! Thanks!


I been considering doing a max andro cycle to get lookin like that too my g.

I edited my post to make it less troll. It isn’t fake afterall, it’s just ridiculous. I know the gains are good for 8 weeks as well. XD

Here is my before pic, I’m 55 years old, 6’1 and 196 in this pic.

An hour later, after steroids, I looked like this.

I ate some chicken breasts, white rice, and broccoli - no butter.


Impressive for 55 nice job.

Honestly I see about 10lbs of water that’s about it. You probably would have gained more had you not trained.

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I have to admit, I didnt thoroughly read your post. I apologize for that.

I just noticed you shut down your natural production for that small cycle of 8 weeks.

Why in the fuck would you shut down your natural production for doing calisthenics around the house?