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1 Bodypart A Day


Hi People

I know this has been done to death but id like to ask again.

Im looking at starting a new program and was thinking of either doing a TBT program or a 1 bodypart a day eg- 12 sets of 6-10 reps 3-4 diff exercises.

What im looking for is Hypertrophy.

I know full body training is reccomended by most coaches on this site but if u look at the top bodybuilders in the world they all seem to avoid full body routines,all these mass monsters cant be wrong,sure they use bucket loads of steroids but even people who are not "on" who i know are massive stick with single bodypart training.

So in your opinion's which is better for hypertrophy and why?


King of Kings


Personally, I'd have to lean more towards full body because of my excellent hypertrophy and strength gains from doing Cleans and One-Arm Snatches.

I do a split something like this:

Day 1

Day 2
Fast-tempo body weight moves

Day 3
Squat or Deadlift
Good Mornings or Lunge

Day 4
Fast-tempo bodyweight moves

Day 5
DB Swing

Increasing the load 2.5% each week (or 5lbs)


Try this



Thib's HSS-100 routine is very hypertrophy-specific, and the article on it should be coming out very soon.

I've been using my basic knowledge of the structure of HSS-100 lately and am very happy with it.


Have you tried this type of workout? What were your results? It does look interesting.


Yeh - I've been thinking this as well lately.

I have spent the last few years experimenting with different full body workouts. They just dont seem to work that well for me in terms of hypertrophy. Plus going heavy regularly - like I feel I need to on relatively low volume - leaves me sore and injury prone.

I have recently gone back to what worked well for me 15 years ago and am having some great gains again - at my age (38)!! Am doing something like this;

  • Getting to each bodypart twice in about 10 days.

  • Volume up on all compound lifts - rest down - usually 4/5 sets 3-4 exercises.

  • I lift really heavy one exercise per bodypart per 10 day cycle.

  • Still training instinctively - ie if I feel stuffed on a particular day I dont mind dropping back.

Anyway, thats working for me at the moment. I've put on size but am also recovering better between workouts. Maybe just the change up - but I think the higher volume works for me.


Personally I believe which one works best for an individual depends on the individual, however compounds and isolations are required. If you find you are gaining better 1 part a day, and its easier for you to adhere to, then lift one part a day.

In my workout I like to alternate, I will single parts out for a routine, then do more whole body exercises for another routine.


I started a variation of this routine about 2 months ago and it works great for me. I have already increased my LMM and made improvements in my overall fitness.


I think your just going to have to try something to see. Everyone is different.

I train legs and abs everyday with cardio. I can't train legs heavy anymore due too knee surgerys, so I train legs light using 2 different exercises sets of 4. The next day I switch to 2 new exercises. the same thing goes for abs.

Along with this I train one upper body part very heavy. 5 exercises, 4 sets.
Day 1 chest
Day 2 arms
Day 3 shoulders
Day 4 back
Day 5 off day
Day 6 repeat

By the time day six rolls around my chest has recooped, and so on.

I started this about 5 years a go and it works well for me.

I do think it just takes time for someone to find what works for them and to do this you have to log a lot of hours in the gym or "temple"

Lift heavy,



How old are you? What gains have you gotten? just curious, thanks.


I'm 35. I have been in this game for many (16,17) years.

My shoulders and arms are the bulk of my frame. I have made some thickness gains in my back and triceps. Chest is my lagging part. I superset a lot and try different exercises for chest for a little shock and it seems to help. Cable flys, dips, are good too.

6'2 265 at around 15% bf. I am working toward 11-12% range. A tweak in my diet is helping this goal, with extra cardio.

I could not live without my dumbells!!!



With one body part a day, how many times a week are you going to train those muscles? Once?

With full body workouts, you're going to train all the muscles three or maybe four times.

You better really be kicking those muscles asses, if it's going to be one body part a day.


True. Very true.

With one day off and repeating it works fine for me. Believe me, after I work a particular bodypart it is spent.


Twice every 6th day. My regimine isn't tied to working chest on Monday, ect. On that 6th day, the routine starts again, then repeats.