#1 Biotest Supplement

Alpha Male did wonders for me.

A close second would be Surge.

Power Drive Pre-workout.

The Surge family.

But Spike is hot on their heals.

[quote]stretch67 wrote:

Power Drive Pre-workout.[/quote]

Thanks for reminding me I have a tub in the cabinet I should start using again.

[quote]Aggro wrote:
Would have said Power Drive myself until I tried Surge Workout Fuel. I couldn’t believe the benefits I saw in strength, as well as intensity levels the first week. I save it for my heaviest days and it hasn’t let me down at all. [/quote]

Never tried it, but I would agree your probably right in that Surge Workout Fuel is in another league above Power Drive.

However, Power Drive is a whole heck of a lot cheaper ya must say. Something I can use daily and not be broke.

Oh totally, and it’s not to take anything away from Power Drive, I still use it, and I still think it’s an amazing product.

Spike! All hail legal speed!
That’s how i feel about it. I seriously feel like my vision betters shortly after I take it. Some serious concentration to the point I focus on one thing and tune everything else out.
Anyone else has this experience?

Metabolic Drive - by far the best tasting protein powder I’ve ever had.

I can’t afford the money it would take to buy everything else and move from normal to “optimal” lol

[quote]Alpha wrote:
Reading these kind of makes me want to try the Surge Workout Fuel…you guys who work out for a hour or a little over feel like its worth it? [/quote]

I workout for 50-55min. per wkout. VERY high intensity with compound mostly heavy weights. Without a doubt it’s worth it. It’s the INTENSITY level that makes Surge Workout Fuel useful. If your working out for 2-3 hrs. your not working out with ANY intensity!!

Yeah 60 minutes is with my cardio included most days…you guys think it is that much better than Power Drive?

Anyone thinking Placebo affect?


I started taking HOT-ROX after I began a caloric deficit(and noticed a lack of intensity/energy in my workouts). It immediately helped me get my workouts back to their normal intensity(and just made me feel great.

[quote]Alpha wrote:
Yeah 60 minutes is with my cardio included most days…you guys think it is that much better than Power Drive?

Anyone thinking Placebo affect?[/quote]

I like Power Drive, but there really is little similarity between it and Surge Workout Fuel.

I’ll take Surge any day for training.

[quote]thismeanswar wrote:
If your working out for 2-3 hrs. your not working out with ANY intensity!![/quote]

I and others beg to differ. But I won’t argue with ya :wink:

[quote]jehovasfitness wrote:
I find it interesting there are so many Surge Workout Fuel fans. That’s one reason I made this thread to see how many Surge Workout Fuels would pop up.

I tried it once and didn’t notice a difference, however, I should note that my typical workouts are moderate volume and only last 30 mins.

I’m curious to give it another go when I start up 11-T again and increase volume.[/quote]

Have you tried it with Spike? Surge Workout Fuel is my #1 but I get the most out of it when on Spike.

My fav is probably Surge Workout Fuel. Last time I took it, I stacked it with Beta-7 and the lack of fatigue was great. My lifts didnt really improve since I was cutting, but my weights didn’t fall of due to lack of energy from the lack of calories. Never felt better after leaving a sesson. I always question if I could meet each session with the same intensity w/o it. Or if I hit a double of Surge Recovery before and after having a similar effect in terms of energy.

Surge Recovery Original flavor. I LOVE that shit!

If dieting, I would have to say that HOT-ROX get me through the day.

Surge is great when I have the money. Grow! Whey is still great, even after the price hike. I tried switching over to the cheap stuff and more Met-Rx and went right back to Grow! Whey. Now if they can just bring back the old flavor!

Surge Workout Fuel rules!

Definitely Surge Workout Fuel. I didn’t notice it much during my training, but my recovery from day to day was awesome. I got another tub for the summer; conditioning will really put it to the test.

I’ve been mixing Surge Workout Fuel and Power Drive and its awesome. It that allowed? Can’t believe how ‘easy’ training feels. I just want to keep going.

Z-12 is amazing too!