1 arm snatch

how much can people do with a 1 arm babell snatch? personally I did 135 for a couple singles yesterday. being how no one ever does them at my gym, I would like a few numbers to guage my progress on it.


I can do an ugly looking 135 pound one-arm power clean. Of course, I’m using an oly bar instead of a dumbbell. But still, a 135 pound one arm snatch isn’t too shabby no matter what you use. The question is, what can you do with 2 arms?

haven’t ever maxed a regular snatch, i’m not real good at…once i over my head i seem to finish the movement by pressing it up, although i don’t drop down like the olympic movement, (bothers my knees). I can clean and jerk 290 or so though.

I believe Pau; Chek wants to have the record, maybe he can turn that into a 120 dollar course as well.

One of the athletes at the olympic center when I was taking the olympic weightlifting club coach course, said he ‘tried’ it the one time with like 70k or so. So that’s at least over 150# So your only 20 or so pounds away from an olympic athlete.


135 with a bar is excellent in my book.

somehow my last post went under my brothers name…

Jerome, you’re probably on the wrong board for that specific an O-lift question, IMO.
Personally, I’m looking into getting into DB O-lifting, and I’ve been searching for technique tips all over the net.

-Simply the best, Sonny S