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1 Arm Pullup Training


Anybody doing these? Did these? Heard stories of training methods?

Weight 195
Current Training:

-Pullup Close Parallel Grip Dead hang 3s @ BW-45-90-135

-1 Handed Attempts from (Box Shorter ROM) I usually get a double on the 1st set and then a single on 2nd

-1 Handed Assisted Parallel Grip (I either use my other hand in foregrip position pulling as little as possible or stick my other arm through a hanging band)

-Weighted Close Parallel grip max reps in the 5-8 rep range currently in the 90-135 lbs range

I am thinking I might just drop the 1 handed work until I am pulling up with 180+ for 5+ reps?

Or move the 1 handed assisted work to the end?


Since in 1 arm pull ups stability is a big factor I think free and assisted have a huge difference
Imo you’d be way better off buying some bands,hooking it at the pull up bar and around your leg and doing assisted pull ups this way


Did that…got snapped in the face :smiley:

Obviously that is an operator malfunction but it was rather difficult.

I have been dangling a band around bar and sticking an arm into it to mimic the same idea as using the band around the leg.

I will try the band around the leg again.


World record 56 in one minute, Russian i think guy was 6ft 185ish? No kipper . Do you have equal strength each arm ? Maybe some negatives? Start mountain climbing? I think bruce lee could do 40 with two fingers, good luck.


Lol.If you break something this time,we never talked :sweat_smile:


ish, i didnt at first but with in a couple sessions of 1 handed work I did. This is why I dont want to fully drop it.

I would be super happy with 5.


Happy with one, next do finger pushups, then when someone angers you , like gives you a LOOK, or takes up two parking spots when you are pulling into store getting your water before a squat or deadlift pr, you can rip their heart out and take a bite out of while they still looking at you. Just kidding a watched way to much kung foo theater when i was kid.


You only need about 80% of your bodyweight as weighted pull-up 1RM to complete the one-arm, so about 160 for you. What’s your current 1RM?

After / if you have reached 150–160 1RM, train weighted pull-ups as usual, but add one-arm sets. Doesn’t really matter in which order but I like to do them after normal pull-up warm up sets but before the heaviest weighted work. In these sets put your other hand on the bar with very little support – what you call 1 handed assisted parallel grip – or somewhere on the side e.g. on the supports of the rack. I would suggest working in the 3–5 rep range. Use your other hand to adjust the difficulty until you can release it entirely. Use a supine grip for the working arm.



[quote=“strongmanjoe, post:4, topic:220342”]
World record 56 in one minute[/quote]


Performing one arm pull-ups has little relation to performing two arm pull-ups with a great amount of weight. Don’t get me wrong the strength is good but performing one arm pull-ups takes a certain technique no different than a one arm pushup. I suggest that you begin by placing a rope or a towel over the bar which hangs down about two feet from the top of the bar. Make sure it’s stable as you are going to grab that rope/towel with the opposite hand you are performing your pull-up with. So if you are trying to do a one arm pull-up with your right hand grab the rope or towel with your left hand as low as possible. You might have to grab it close to the bar to begin with. But each session work your hand lower on the rope/towel. By the time you get to the very bottom you should be able to perform a one arm pull-up. At least that is how I trained to do it.

I have a specific way that I train pull-ups and chin-ups. I wrote a pretty lengthy post here on T Nation back in the day. I think it was called “ZEB on Chin-ups” or something like that.

Whatever you do don’t over train this movement as it puts a lot of stress on your tendons. I used to train pull-ups and Chin-ups 3 times a week, sometimes only twice a week and made gains.

Best Of Luck To You,