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1-arm overhead squats

i just read the article on the overhead squat. i started doing these about a year ago and noticed immediate improvements in my squats, snatches/cleans, 1-arm presses, and speed drills.
as of a month ago i started incorporating the overhead squat but using 1-arm instead of 2. i cant find any info on this version of the lift but im sure someone, somewhere has done it. its incredibly hard to balance but i can see it improving over-all balance and core strength already(not to mention shoulders!). would any of you care to comment on this variation of the overhead squat.


somebody else want to try these? ive been doing 105 for three sets of 3. tough! im not going for a ton of weight yet but i wonder what some of you can do. i do them at the end of my dynamic/speed day along with 3 or 4 other core lifts that i circuit through around 3 times. when was the last times your core muscles were sore from a 3 sets of 3 exercise?

give em a try,