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1-Arm Dumbbell Rows: Bench or Leaning?


Does anyone know the difference, in terms of back development, between doing this exercise standing (leaning over 45 degrees) or with one knee on a flat bench?


not much in terms of muscle stimulation. i think it's more of a personal/comfort preference.


I've noticed that if I do them leaning over supporting myself on the DB rack I use more core stabilization muscles and its easier to keep tight form (ie. not cheat using too much twisting motion - which uses the glutes to help lift the weight).


I typically do 1-Arm DB Rows with one hand extended out on the DB rack, feet apart, and knees slightly bent. Much like a football stance.

I get a better stretch with this method than one kneee on a bench.

It really depends what your comfort level is in my opinion.


Beat me to it... This is exactly what I do.


Yeah, I've noticed that a lot of pro bodybuilders all do them standing. The core stabilization is a good point.


Shit, I wish I read this yesterday. I love DB rows but I have always done them with one knee on the bench. Gotta try this next time.


I think it's just a comfort thing with the lift, I prefer doing the knee on the bench style.

Doing it without the bench does require some core work but I notice that I feel it in my lower back and abs (stabilization). When using the bench I still feel it there but not as bad.

I guess overall it's just a comfort preference, either way your back should be hit the same.



For me, the standing position allows me to pull heavier weight with a better stretch from the bottom position, but if my lower back is tight or fatigued, the bench offers the stability to keep the exercise in my workout without as much distraction from my lower back


Standing version is more effective for me but if I get sloppy, my back will let me know in a hurry.